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What are the origins of the Fresh Expressions movement in the Church of England?
Martin Robinson LeadershipChurch Leadership 00:01:17 1,067 26 May 2014
In what unloving ways do we often treat our spouses?
Tim Kimmel Counseling and PsychologyMarital 00:02:47 1,340 26 May 2014
How do biblical models of lust and idolatry help us understand sexual sin?
Emoke Tapolyai Counseling and PsychologySexuality 00:00:00 1,090 26 May 2014
Why have extremist parties been gaining ground in the European Parliament?
David Fieldsend Politics Law and GovernmentAdvocacy and Politics 00:00:00 1,289 26 May 2014
How should church planting coaches handle surprise in the coaching relationship?
Oystein Gjerme LeadershipChurch Leadership 00:01:39 865 26 May 2014
How is apologetics both an art and a science?
David Horner ApologeticsEthical 00:00:00 1,488 26 May 2014
What new dangers come with new digital technology?
Rodica Mocan Communication, Journalism, Media Studies 00:00:00 1,383 26 May 2014
What does it mean that Europe is a ‘secular’ continent?
Martin Robinson History › ... › Modern - 1800 to present 00:01:23 1,823 26 May 2014
Why is structural flexibility necessary for churches?
Jonny Woodrow LeadershipChurch Leadership 00:02:46 1,175 26 May 2014
What do educated, urban people think about God?
Grenville Kent ApologeticsBest Practices 00:01:15 1,387 26 May 2014