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What factors incline educated, urban people towards belief in God?
Grenville Kent ApologeticsBest Practices 00:01:53 2,076 26 May 2014
How have influential thinkers explained the existence of evil?
David Robertson ApologeticsProblem of evil 00:00:00 1,658 26 May 2014
How have Christian ministries traditionally approached the media?
Lars Dahle Communication, Journalism, Media StudiesMedia 00:00:00 850 26 May 2014
How can a church community care for a recovering sex addict?
Emoke Tapolyai Counseling and PsychologySexuality 00:00:00 1,423 26 May 2014
Has the EU Parliament election process contributed to Europeans' disenchantment with government?
David Fieldsend Politics Law and GovernmentAdvocacy and Politics 00:00:00 1,483 26 May 2014
How does scientism contradict itself?
Peter S. Williams Apologetics 00:04:23 1,700 26 May 2014
How have the new freedoms of post-Communist Europe created new challenges for pro-life work?
Roxana Stanciu Politics Law and Government 00:00:00 1,374 26 May 2014
What is the role of a trusted friend in handling our stress?
Bobb Biehl LeadershipOrganisational Leadership 00:00:00 1,456 26 May 2014
What are the core practices of a disciple-making church?
Oystein Gjerme Discipleship 00:01:50 1,474 26 May 2014
How does the Bible address the issue of addiction?
Richard Winter Counseling and PsychologyIndividual 00:02:55 1,742 26 May 2014