Worldview, culture and leadership

Date: 2 Apr 2015 | Author: Jeremy Peckham


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Worldview, culture and leadership

how the world squeezes us in to it’s mould

Our approach to leadership whether we like it or not has been largely shaped by our culture that in turn has been shaped by a nations dominant worldview.  For Christians in many diverse cultures this poses a challenge as we seek to live and behave according to a Christian Worldview.  Paul urges us in Romans 12v2 to “not be squeezed into the world’s mold but to be transformed by the renewing of our mind”.  In order to work out this injunction we need to first properly understand the way in which our culture has shaped our behaviour and approach to leadership and then assess critically through the lens of scripture what specific transformation needs to take place.  Unfortunately for many of us our interpretation of scripture is filtered through the very same cultural lens that we seek to examine resulting oftentimes in a spiritualisation of worldly practices!  We have thus been squeezed into the mold of the world of the worlds thinking.

The talk explores some of the major different cultural attitudes and behaviours that have emerged over time, how they have been shaped by worldview and how they impact an organisation and leadership practices.  The impact of secularisation in Europe is also be explored and the talk examines in detail the bibles teaching on specific leadership and organisational issues such as defining success, the use of time, planning, task orientation versus relationships and the function of leadership.

Jeremy Peckham FRSA, BSc