Emerging and Progressive Threats to Christian Freedoms

Date recorded: 25 May 2016 | Speaker: Paul Susman | Event: ELF Politics and Society Network


Christian values were and continue to be not only instrumental but also essential to the development of a free, equitable, and flourishing society where people enjoy the protection of their fundamental human rights. While freedom of expression and freedom of religion have always known some restrictions, the progressive attempt to redraft our societal and moral values has a drastic impact upon their interpretation. Slowly sweeping away the Christian fundamental values from the foundation of our society not only leaves an irreplaceable gap but also facilitates the creation of legal anomalies. Such anomalies include the legislative trends regarding abortion, same-sex marriage and child education. This talk will focus on reviewing some of these anomalies, including the recent Bodnariu case, and emphasise the importance of resisting them in order to protect our Christian freedoms.