Relationships Built on Authenticity and Humility

Date recorded: 23 May 2012 | Speaker: Jerry Root | Event: ELF Disciple Makers Network


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Christians believe that all proper understanding of authentic relationships must be based on the doctrine of the Trinity. It is an ontological fact that God is love. It is in light of God’s love that an idea of what it means to be an authentic person begins to emerge. We use the word authenticity unthinkingly, almost as if having said the word we have the quality. Only one person who ever walked this earth could truly say he was an authentic person. So the real question for each of us is, “How does an inauthentic person begin to approximate authenticity?” Certainly humility and honesty must be part of the equation. This session is about the cultivation of that form of authenticity that is displayed in humility and honesty and cultivated in the love of God.