Cambridge Leaders Network

Why is the CLN important? 

One of the most significant needs of the worldwide evangelical church is the development of its next generation of leaders. And yet, across much of the world, there is a glaring scarcity of resources and information for gifted leaders. As a result, they struggle to develop their capabilities and serve God's people effectively. If emerging leaders are to grow to spiritual maturity in Christ and fully use their gifts, they must have access to the mentoring and leadership development resources that will help them completely realise their potential. The Cambridge Leaders Network attempts to provide this.

What is the Cambridge Leaders Network?

The Cambridge Leaders Network (CLN) is a week-long, invitation-only seminar for key emerging leaders and two webinars (Exact date and time for webinars TBD) for key emerging leaders. The seminar occurs each July near Cambridge in England, and is intended to mentor emerging, influential leaders, helping them face challenges such as:

  • Maintaining an intimate relationship with the Lord when responsibilities are growing
  • Loving biblically and leading others to spiritual maturity
  • Developing leadership skills, i.e. planning strategically, communicating a vision, managing time, determining objectives, recruiting and mentoring staff, and managing finances and resources
  • Critically evaluating popular leadership thinking from a biblical worldview

The CLN programme consists of:

  1. Text-Based Discussions
  2. Targeted Lectures and Discussions
  3. Case Studies
  4. Personal Mentoring by Senior Leaders
  5. Strategy or Project Assessment

The CLN Webinars To further grow, deepen, and develop relationships, each Cambridge Leaders Network participant will participate in two training webinars: one in the Autumn of 2020, and one in the Spring of 2021  (Exact date and time TBD). The purpose of these webinars is to expand knowledge in effective leadership, offer tools for better discipleship, and answer questions relating to leadership.

Who is speaking at the 2020 CLN?

John Lenton will lead the 2020 Cambridge Leaders Network.

John Lenton is currently in his third career as the Minister of a country parish in Hampshire, England. John was instrumental in helping to launch, in 1998, the Griffiths School of Management at Emanuel University of Oradea, Romania, an evangelical Christian university accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education. Until 2010, he was for a number of years the coordinator of the Leaders of Christian Organisations Network at the European Leadership Forum. Prior to moving to Romania in 1998, John was a Senior Vice president at American Express Europe, where he occupied a number of senior positions over a period of 15 years with the company, taking early retirement at the end of 1996 in order to devote himself full-time to Christian service. John holds an MA from Oxford and an MBA from Harvard, and is an ordained minister in the Church of England, having studied full time at Oak Hill Theological College shortly before moving to Romania.

Jay Eastman was born and raised in the US, attending The Ohio State University for undergraduate and graduate school. He has degrees in English and English education. He is married to Holly and they have three lively and often lovely children. He has taught English around the world and has served in former East Berlin as an evangelist, discipler and church planting facilitator with Mission to the World (MTW) since 2001. Jay also serves as an MTW team leader and European director of ongoing education and professional development for MTW employees and partners. He also serves as a consultant with Global Training and Development, providing strategic innovation and implementation for cross-cultural ministries.


Glynn Harrison was formerly Professor and Head of Department of Psychiatry, University of Bristol, where he was also a practicing Consultant Psychiatrist. He now speaks widely on issues at the interface between Christian faith and psychology, pastoral ministry and psychiatry. His new book, A Better Story: God, Sex and Human Flourishing, is published by IVP.



Ann Lenton trained as a Biblical Counsellor some 25 years ago under Selwyn Hughes, founder of CWR, one of the foremost proponents of Christian counselling in the UK. In 1998, she accompanied her husband, John, to Romania, where they lived almost full-time for seven years, working in various capacities (including student counselling) at Emanuel University in the city of Oradea. They returned to the UK in 2005, and in 2010 moved to the village of Bramley in Hampshire, where Ann has the responsibilities and joys of being a full-time pastor’s wife.


Daryl McCarthy serves as Vice President of Academic Programs and Strategy with Forum of Christian Leaders (FOCL). He is also Director of the European Leadership Forum's Academic Network, which provides networking, training, and mentoring for evangelicals in higher education.  Daryl has travelled to more than 55 nations and has spoken at universities, conferences, and churches around the world. In 1988 he helped found Global Scholars (formerly International Institute for Christian Studies) and served as President until 2014. Daryl earned a Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary School of Intercultural Studies, Master of Divinity from Nazarene Theological Seminary, Master of Arts in Philosophy of Religion from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and a Bachelor of Theology from Kansas City College and Bible School. Daryl and his wife, Dr. Teri McCarthy, lived in Lithuania from 2010-2015, where they taught at Lithuania University of Educational Sciences in Vilnius. 

Tony Myrick received his B.A. in Biblical Studies from Wheaton College and M.A. in New Testament Studies from Wheaton Graduate School. He has completed two years of doctoral studies in Paul’s Pastoral Leadership at the University of Aberdeen with Professor I.H. Marshall. He has worked for nearly 20 years in para-church and local church contexts teaching, developing, and maturing Christian leaders using a variety of principles, strategies, and tools. Tony served as the Minister of Discipleship at Traders Point Christian Church, which has 1,800 members and 160 small groups, for nearly a decade before coming to work as the Forum Vice President of Strategy and Education at the Forum of Christian Leaders, sponsor of the European Leadership Forum.


Peter (P.J.) Williams is the Principal and CEO of Tyndale House, Cambridge. He was educated at Cambridge University, where he received his MA, MPhil, and PhD in the study of ancient languages related to the Bible. After his PhD, he was on staff in the Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge University (1997–1998), and thereafter taught Hebrew and Old Testament at Cambridge University as Affiliated Lecturer in Hebrew and Aramaic and as Research Fellow in Old Testament at Tyndale House, Cambridge (1998–2003). From 2003 to 2007 he was on the faculty of the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, where he became a Senior Lecturer in New Testament and Deputy Head of the School of Divinity, History, and Philosophy. Since 2007 he has been leading Tyndale House, and he is also an Affiliated Lecturer in the Faculty of Divinity in the University of Cambridge. He is a member of the Translation Oversight Committee of the English Standard Version of the Bible. Most recently he has been assisting Dr Dirk Jongkind in Tyndale House’s production of a major edition of the Greek New Testament.

When and Where is the 2020 CLN?

The 2020 Cambridge Leaders Network is scheduled to take place from Sunday - Saturday, 12 - 18 July

Participants are asked to arrive in Cambridge (England) at 13.00 on Sunday, 12 July. Light refreshments will be provided, and guided historical tours of Cambridge will begin at 13.30. Later in the afternoon, the group will depart for Moggerhanger Park, a lovely conference centre and estate, located in Moggerhanger, Bedfordshire, for the programme. 

On Saturday, 18 July, participants will return to Cambridge.

How much does the 2020 CLN Cost?

Early Registration 1 February 2020 €390  
Regular Registration 1 May 2020 €490  
Late Registration 14 June 2020 €590  
Scholarship Rate*   €150

*A limited number of partial bursaries/scholarships are available to those who need them.

Payment is due one month after acceptance into the programme.

Please click here to see if you need a visa to enter the United Kingdom.

Please note that if you need a visa to attend, we need to receive your application no later than 15 March, 2020.


The Cambridge Leaders Network seeks to provide building blocks for effective, biblical leadership. To this end, we require participants to do each of the following before arriving in Cambridge:

Read a selection of pre-assigned materials. We will provide a list of readings, along with electronic copies of all articles/chapters. Participants may also be provided with one or two books.

Submit a 300–500 word case study that describes a problem you are currently facing in your leadership role (which a mentor will discuss with you at the CLN).

Submit a 300–500 word description of a strategy or project in your organisation (which a mentor will discuss with you at the CLN).

Attend and prepare for two webinars for mentoring and building relationships.

How Do I Apply?

If you are interested in participating in this year's Cambridge Leaders Network, please:
  1. Fill out the application form.
  2. Ask a pastor or spiritual mentor who knows you well to submit a reference for you.

If you have any questions, please contact us at