Persuasive Evangelism Initiative

What is the Persuasive Evangelism Initiative?  

The Persuasive Evangelism (Apologetics) Initiative (PEI) is designed for apologists and evangelists who want to develop their ability to persuasively communicate the gospel in today's culture.  Christian Heritage Director and former PEI leader Andrew Fellows describes this event:  "The Persuasive Evangelism Initiative will engage ideas that look at what it means to engage a whole person with the truth of Christianity.  This will occur through formal lectures, discussions over meals, and chats.  Our prayer is that you will come to see and experience an ‘apologetic in action’ that enables you to go out and be even more fruitful for Christ’s kingdom."

The PEI consists of three components:

1.  A Week-long Retreat: The PEI begins with a week-long retreat in the Barcelona area from 28 October - 3 November 2017.  It will include small group interaction and discussion to help deepen participants’ learning. 

2. Webinars: To further grow, deepen, and develop relationships, each Persuasive Evangelism Initiative participant will participate in two training webinars between February and May (Exact date and time TBD). The purpose of these webinars is to expand apologetic knowledge, offer tools, and answer questions relating to Apologetics.

3.  A Pre-Forum Conference: Each 2017 - 2018 PEI participant is asked to arrive at the 2018 European Leadership Forum one day early (Friday, 18 May 2018) for a special conference. This event will provide additional time for discussion, mentoring, and the sharing of resources. All costs of this Pre-Forum Conference (not the ELF) are included in the initiative fee.

Why is the PEI important? 

Many European leaders have evangelistic and apologetic gifts but are isolated, without mentors or resources. The Forum is designed to create a bridge between local leaders and God’s global resources in the specific area of their gifts and callings.  We have realised we cannot accomplish this vision in one week at the European Leadership Forum's annual meeting.  The PEI is one attempt to make the Forum's resources available throughout the year.

The PEI serves evangelical leaders with apologetic gifts by providing mentoring and training.  The goal of this initiative is to cultivate the necessary skills for persuasively communicating the gospel in today's world. To this end, it trains evangelists and apologists to:

  • Think strategically about evangelism and apologetics
  • Consider the key roles of relationships and culture
  • Hone their skills in connecting with important points of contact in their culture
  • Remove roadblocks to the gospel
  • Relevantly communicate the gospel with persuasive power

Who is speaking at the Persuasive Evangelism Initiative? 

Bruce A. Little has master’s degrees in Apologetics and Religion, a PhD in Philosophy of Religion, and a DMin in Apologetics. Presently, he serves as Senior Professor of Philosophy and director of the Francis A. Schaeffer Collection at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he has been on faculty since 2001. Since 1995, he has travelled widely in Europe and Asia, lecturing in universities, teaching in a variety of schools, and presenting papers at conferences. He has published in various professional journals, edited several books, either authored or co-authored six books, and contributed chapters in several books, the last being God and Evil published by InterVarsity Press, 2013.


Robb Ludwick is a worker at L'Abri Fellowship in the Netherlands. L'Abri strives to create a space for people to hear honest answers to their honest questions concerning faith and different aspects of human life. In addition to mentoring, lecturing, and leading discussions in the community setting of L'Abri, he is a regular speaker for different groups in the Netherlands. The main focus of his teaching is cultural apologetics and personal spirituality.



Henk Reitsema is a member of the staff at Dutch L’Abri and one of the trustees of the international work of L'Abri. Along with his wife, he has been hosting guests at L’Abri for 20 years. He is active in the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition in Europe. His academic interests include Philosophy, Theology, and Ethics. Most recently, he completed a degree in the Philosophy of Technology at the Free University in Amsterdam. Mentoring, lecturing, and engaging in dialogue about the issues that confront us today form an integral part of his work at L’Abri. He has published a variety of articles, both scientific and popular in the disciplines of Apologetics, Philosophy of Technology, Ethics, and music appreciation


How much does the 2017 PEI cost?

The 2017 PEI costs €340

A limited number of partial bursaries/scholarships are available to those who need them.

What do former participants say about the PEI?

"The Persuasive Evangelism Initiative is a unique program which brings together European leaders with a passion for evangelism and apologetics.  PEI provides me with a great opportunity…within a cross-cultural context that values ideas and sharpens our understanding of evangelism. The lectures and the Q&A sessions provided invaluable tools for me for engaging in conversation with a skeptic.  Nonetheless, PEI also reminded me to never prioritize arguments over people. I highly recommend it.”

Marius Ban is lecturer in Apologetics at the Eastern European Bible College in Romania and coordinates the Apologetics department of Peniel Ministries

"Evangelistic preaching is one of my primary callings, and so I was eager to learn and grow from being part of the Persuasive Evangelism Initiative. What I appreciated the most was the week at L’Abri, which gave us plenty of time for relationships, learning, and application.  On one hand we had good lectures and discussions, but on the other side we had plenty of time to think and pray how to apply it to our specific context. I would recommend this initiative to everyone who desires to grow in his evangelistic ministry."

Michal Klus is the senior pastor of Silesian Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession in Trinec, Czech Republic

How do I apply?

  1. Fill out the application form.
  2. Have a pastor or spiritual mentor who knows you well submit a pastoral reference on your behalf.

If you have questions, please contact