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Pasi Turunen, theologian (M.Th), author, blogger, and apologist, has been working as a Christian radio broadcaster for 25 years. He studied theology at Helsinki University and his master’s thesis dealt with Jewish views on resurrection in the intertestamental Jewish literature between Old Testament and New Testament times. Turunen is a well-known Bible teacher and is often invited to speak to various apologetic seminars in Finland. He has written four books dealing with cult evangelism, same-sex marriage, inerrancy of the Bible, and apologetics. He also has experience with Christian television. Currently he hosts a weekly radio program that analyzes current events and changing culture in light of the Christian worldview and the Scriptures. Turunen has also appeared on secular national television and radio programs in Finland defending Christian faith and views on contemporary issues. Turunen works for the Patmos Foundation for World Missions, which is an evangelical missions and relief organization bringing humanitarian aid and the Gospel of Christ to over 20 nations in the world. The Patmos Foundation has an extensive media ministry in Finland and was the first Christian organization in Finland to start broadcasting Christian programs on commercial radio stations in 1985. Pasi is married to Parvin, who was born in the Middle East and in 1984 was supernaturally led to Finland to find Jesus and be saved.
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Why is it so difficult to have a conversation with a Jehovah’s Witness about the Bible?
Pasi Turunen EvangelismMission for God’s People 00:00:00 1,261 23 May 2017
Who can receive salvation, according to Jehovah’s Witnesses?
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What are some ways to challenge the Watchtower Society’s claim to absolute authority?
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Why is it so important to clearly define terms when speaking with a Jehovah’s Witness?
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Sharing the Gospel with Jehovah's Witnesses: Tactics beyond Basics
Pasi Turunen Evangelism 00:00:00 1,069 21 May 2017
Responding to Same-Sex Marriage with Grace and Truth
Pasi Turunen Counseling and PsychologySexuality 00:00:00 1,489 1 Dec 2016
What are key principles to remember when engaging non-Christians about same sex marriage?
Pasi Turunen EthicsBiblical ethics 00:00:00 877 23 May 2016
How can Christians analyse theological questions raised in movies from a Christian perspective?
Pasi Turunen ApologeticsCultural 00:00:00 1,003 23 May 2016
How can Christians use films to start conversations about the Gospel?
Pasi Turunen ApologeticsCultural 00:00:00 1,148 23 May 2016
What are the keys to making the Christian message interesting and engaging in the media?
Pasi Turunen Communication, Journalism, Media StudiesMedia 00:00:00 1,019 23 May 2016