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Year-Round Mentoring

What is Year-Round Mentoring?

Year-Round Mentoring (YRM) is intended to resource and support evangelical leaders throughout the year. YRM groups gather leaders with similar callings or ministries into small groups of 10 to 15.

YRM participants can expect to:

  • Learn valuable skills from senior evangelical leaders
  • Join in community with like-minded peers
  • Be encouraged and grow in their ministries

While the structure of each YRM network differs slightly, most 2020/21 YRM programmes will include the following elements:

  • Interactive webinars in the fall and spring
  • Retreat near Barcelona from 1 to 3 December 2020
  • Online Pre-Forum Seminar at the 2020 ELF (23 May at 13:00 - 16:00 GMT)
  • Pre-Forum Conference at the 2021 ELF

Participants in all YRM networks are asked to complete a variety of reading and writing assignments that will help further their development as leaders in their respective fields.

All YRM participants will be asked to attend the 2021 European Leadership Forum (ELF). And all ELF participants are expected to pay their own travel costs as well as the relevant ELF registration fees.

The following fees will also apply to YRM participants: Retreat - 150 Euros, or 100 Euros for scholarship recipients. For the retreat, participants also have the option of paying 190 Euros in order to stay in a single room. The only way to stay in a single room at the retreat is to choose this 190 Euros option on your YRM application form. Participants may not alter the reservation upon checking in. Pre-Forum Conference - 70 Euros for a double room, 90 Euros for a single room, and 40 Euros for scholarship recipients.

Year-Round Mentoring Opportunities

For 2020/21, we are pleased to announce Year-Round Mentoring groups for:

  • Academic Leaders
  • Apologetics Leaders
  • Church & Organizational Leaders
  • Church Revitalisation
  • Disciple-Making Leaders
  • Leaders of Christian Events
  • Ministry to Muslims
  • Organisational Development
  • Pastors
  • Pastoral Growth
  • Scientists
  • Women in Leadership
  • Women in Organizational Leadership
  • Youth Ministry Leaders

   Academic Leaders

Goal: To mentor Christian academics with foundational knowledge, encouragement, relationships, and training to enable them to effectively serve Christ in higher education.

Leaders: Dr. Charles White is a Professor of Christian Thought & History at Spring Arbor University in Michigan, USA.  He is the director of the European Leadership Forum’s Year-Round Mentoring for Academics. He graduated from Harvard with his bachelor’s degree and his M.Div. at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.  He began a Ph.D. in church history at Cambridge and finished it at Boston University.  He has published a popular commentary, academic articles, and been involved in Bible translation in seven different languages. He is the father of four grown children. Daryl McCarthy serves as Vice President of Academic Programs and Strategy at Forum of Christian Leaders (FOCL).  He is Director of the ELF Academic Network and the Cambridge Scholars Network. He mentors Christian professors and ministry leaders in Europe and has been speaking globally for more than 30 years.  He served as President of Global Scholars from 1988 until 2014.  Daryl earned a D.Min. from Fuller Theological Seminary, M.Div. from Nazarene Theological Seminary, M.A. in Philosophy of Religion from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and B.Th. from Kansas Christian College.  Daryl and his wife Dr. Teri McCarthy lived and taught in Lithuania from 2010 until 2015, where they both taught at Lithuania University of Educational Sciences in Vilnius.  Their son and daughter are both married and have blessed them with five grandchildren.

To Apply: If you are interested in applying for the YRM for Academics, you can view the curriculum here, and complete the online application.  You should also ask a pastor or spiritual mentor to submit a pastoral reference and a professor or academic advisor to submit an academic reference for you.

   Apologetics Leaders

Goal: To provide Christian apologists and evangelists with the proper content, encouragement, relationships, and breakthrough training that would enable their ministries to grow qualitatively and exponentially.

Leader: Bruce Little has Master’s degrees in both Apologetics and Religion, a PhD in  Philosophy of Religion, and a DMin. in Apologetics. Presently, he serves as Senior Professor of Philosophy and the director of the Francis A. Schaeffer Collection at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he has been on the faculty since 2001. Since 1995, he has also travelled widely in Europe and Asia, lecturing in universities, teaching in a variety of schools, and presenting papers at conferences. He has published in various professional journals, edited several books, either authored or co-authored six books, and contributed chapters in several books, the last being God and Evil in 2013.

To Apply: If you are interested in applying for the YRM for Apologetics Leaders, you can view the curriculum here, and complete the online application. You also need to request a reference from a leader that knows you well.

   Church and Organisational Leaders

Goal: To support, equip, and mentor the leaders and aspiring leaders of larger churches, networks, denominations, and Christian organizations to face the complexity of leading growing ministries. It will help them to maintain their own spiritual health and vision, to gain the skills that they will need to take their organizations to the next level and to face the challenges and obstacles that prevent organizations from reaching their full gospel potential.

LeadersJohn Stevens is the National Director of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC), a British network of 600 independent churches. Adrian Reynolds is the FIEC Training Director, responsible for helping men and women enter full-time gospel ministry. Ray Evans is the Senior Pastor of Grace Community Church Bedford and the FIEC Leadership Consultant.

To Apply: If you are interested in applying, you can view a sample curriculum here, and complete the online application. You will also need to ask your pastor or spiritual mentor to complete a reference for you.

   Church Revitalisation

Goal: To help participants understand the issues raised in giving a new dynamic to existing churches, to think through what the concept of revitalisation could look like in the European context, and to share experiences in order to encourage one another.

Leader: David Brown has been involved in church planting in France since 1976, has planted three churches there and is at present revitalizing a church in central Paris. For the last twelve years, he has also been involved with the GBU (Groupes Bibliques Universitaires), the French student movement affiliated to IFES, firstly as General Secretary and now as chair of the board. He also chairs the Evangelism Commission of the French “National Council of Evangelicals”, and teaches church planting and evangelism at the Geneva Bible Institute. He is married to Mary, and they have four adult children and a growing number of grandchildren.

To Apply: If you are interested in applying for the Church Revitalisation YRM, you can view the curriculum here, and complete the online application.

   Disciple-Making Leaders

Goal: To provide Christian leaders with comprehensive training in disciple-making—including biblical and theological foundations, historic and contemporary applications and methods, and a careful analysis of every stage in the discipling process—while fostering personal development in the context of peer relationships, strengthening the commitment to disciple others in the words and ways of Jesus, and encouraging a devotion to train a new generation of mature and reproducing leaders for the exponential spread of the gospel throughout Europe and beyond.

Leader: John Musselman is the President of the leadership development organisation, the Jackson Institute, which he founded in 1991. He studied at the University of Alabama, Reformed Theological Seminary (MDiv), and Fuller Theological Seminary (DMin). John has trained leaders in disciple-making in ten countries, and he has edited John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress, A.B. Bruce’s classic work The Training of the Twelve, and Thomas Watson’s Man’s Chief End: God’s Glory. In addition, he authored Classic Discipleship, a manual for equipping leaders in Christian discipleship, and The Holy Spirit and His Gifts.

To Apply: If you are interested in applying for the YRM for Disciple-Making Leaders, you can view the curriculum here, and complete the online application.

   Leaders of Christian Events

Goal: To provide training and mentoring for event coordinators, which helps them organize excellent events that have a long-lasting impact - Christians who are transformed and discipled to become disciple-makers

Leader: Evi Rodemann has long been involved in creating and organising events for young people and churches locally, nationally, and on the European level. As well as receiving training in event management, Evi also earned an MA in European Mission with a focus on the impact of conferences. She studied missions in the Netherlands and has worked in India, Africa, and Hong Kong, but her strongest passion remains Europe and helping its young people to find their kingdom role and live missionally wherever God has called them. For nine years, she directed Mission-Net and organized four European youth mission congresses.

To Apply: If you are interested in applying for the YRM for Leaders of Christian Events, you can view the curriculum here, and complete the online application.

   Ministry to Muslims

Goal: To support, equip, and mentor leaders who actively engage in the evangelism of Muslim people and to train leaders to make reproducing disciples from former followers of Islam who love the Lord and love their neighbours.

LeaderHatun Tash heads up DCCI (Defend Christ Critique Islam) Ministries, which engages radical and missionary Muslims on a regular basis at Hyde Park’s Speakers’ Corner in London. Employing apologetics and polemics with Muslims, she also takes part in Bible studies, debates, discussions, and street evangelism. Therefore, debating is an area Hatun continues to work on, particularly as it relates to defending and propounding the core doctrine of Christian faith and deity of Jesus.

To Apply: If you are interested in applying, you can view the curriculum here, and complete the online application.

   Organisational Development

Goal: The goal of this year-long mentoring program is to walk through an entire year together with leaders of organisations, addressing each of the typical issues that occur at various stages of the developmental year.

Leader: Jerry Twombly has worked in the area of organisational development for over 45 years. After serving in various administrative roles in higher education, Jerry left his post as Vice President for Advancement at Grace College and Theological Seminary in 1986 to establish a consulting firm. His consultant clients span the globe and include multi-national ministries and a host of non-profits that include universities, schools, mission organizations, and a wide range of NGOs committed to serving God and others. He has written several books, including the defining book on relational development, Funding Your Vision: New Hope for Nonprofits, as well as Transforming Culture: The Church at Work in the World, and You Snooze, You Lose: Thriving in a Turbulent Economy.

To Apply: If you are interested in applying, you can view the curriculum here, and complete the online application.


Goal: Our aim is to mentor, create, and cultivate a small community of pastors who will have the courage, to be honest with themselves and each other. It is only as we are transparent that we can be strong and find strength from others. We, therefore, invite into this, those who value such a safe place for being mentored and who treasure the ministry as a strategic means of God.

LeadersJim Crooks is a pastor of an independent church in Perth (Scotland). He also teaches and preaches in Scotland and around Europe, works with the Church Strengthening Initiative, and is a trustee for Echoes of Service. John Kirkpatrick has been the pastor of Portrush Presbyterian Church. He oversees an apologetic course called Reality316, which provides training in apologetics and the biblical worldview. John serves as a chaplain in the sport of motorcycling.

To Apply: If you are interested in applying, you can view the curriculum here, and complete the online application.

   Pastoral Growth

Goal: Fruitful, long-term effectiveness is the goal of everyone in ministry. No one wants to simply finish the race; we want to finish strong. This Year-Round Mentoring program is designed to mentor pastors one-on-one in the personal and ministry needs they have in order to achieve fruitful and effective long-term ministry.

Leader: Jim Cecy serves as Senior Pastor-Teacher of Campus Bible Church in Fresno, California. He is also the founder and President of JARON Ministries International, a training ministry for Christian leaders in the U.S. and abroad. Jim is a conference and seminar speaker for hundreds of churches, schools, seminars, conference centres, Christian groups and denominations. In addition to other books and materials, he is the author of 'The Purity War: A Biblical Guide to Living in an Immoral World and Anger'.

To Apply: If you are interested in applying, you can view the curriculum here, and complete the online application.


Goal: To provide scientists and scientific apologists a year-round forum to unite and equip them for understanding and communicating persuasively that science goes well alongside faith in the biblical God.

Leader: Alexander Fink is Director of the Institute for Faith and Science (Institut für Glaube und Wissenschaft) in Marburg, Germany ( He studied physics at the universities of Bayreuth and St. Andrews (UK) and received his PhD at the Institute for Biophysics at the University of Regensburg. After having worked as an industrial product manager, he became director of SMD graduates' ministry (Akademiker-SMD, the German branch of IFES) until 2014. His passion is the dialogue of science, faith, and worldviews. 

To Apply: If you are interested in applying, you can view the curriculum here, and complete the online application.

   Women in Leadership

Goal: To provide training and mentoring for women who are leading others in the study of Scripture for life application, changed lives, and healthy relationships

Leader: Ann Blaser has led women through Bible Study Fellowship International for thirty years, teaching Scripture classes for women and training leadership groups. Her work now consists of mentoring and advising other women who are teaching and training leaders in Bible Study Fellowship. She is responsible for visiting classes and observing the training and teaching taking place and for giving encouragement and shepherding to the teachers. She is involved in her church through discipling, teaching, and writing training materials.

To Apply: If you are interested in applying, you can view the curriculum here, and complete the online application.

   Women in Organizational Leadership

Goal: To provide a safe space for the training and mentoring of women who are leading others in Christian organizations, empowering them to grow into the women God has called them to be.

LeaderNola Leach is the Chief Executive Officer of CARE (Christian Action Research and Education), one of Europe’s leading Christian charities, which provides resources and helps bring Christian insight and experience to matters of public policy and practical caring initiatives. She leads campaigns on topics such as human trafficking, Internet pornography, and the value of life from its beginning to its natural end. Nola is in increasing demand as a writer, public speaker, and broadcaster.

To Apply: If you are interested in applying, you can view the curriculum here, and complete the online application.

   Youth Ministry Leaders

Goal: To provide youth ministry leaders a year-round forum to facilitate mentoring, training, and development needs.

Leaders: Terry English is the Vice President of strategy and training for Josiah Venture. As such he oversees the creation and rollout of the ministry team and disciple-making resources throughout Central and Eastern Europe and also oversees evangelistic ministries and tools currently being used by over 400 churches. Prior to moving to the Czech Republic 20 years ago, he also worked with youth and student outreach ministries in the USA, UK, and Norway.  Paul Bowman has 25 years of experience in full-time youth ministry in the local church. He has served in a variety of settings throughout Ireland, both urban and rural, working with churched and unchurched young people, and is passionate about developing youth ministries that are rooted in the life of Christ, making disciples, and focusing on the development of the whole person. For 15 years, he has led teams of young people on short-term mission trips to the Czech Republic.

To Apply: If you are interested in applying, you can view the curriculum here, and complete the online application.