What do the superhero stories teach us about the universal desire for justice?

21 May 2017 | Khaldoun Sweis

Khaldoun Sweis, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Olive-Harvey College, and Tutor, Oxford University, answers the question "What do the superhero stories teach us about the universal desire for justice?" related to his talk "The Theology of Superheroes: Engaging Secular Society with Modern Mythology" given at the 2017 ELF.

Why Philosophical Theories of Laws of Nature are Important

21 May 2017 | Daniel Von Wachter

Some philosophical theories of laws of nature entail that there are no free actions and no divine interventions (such as miracles or divine acts of direct creation). Daniel von Wachter proposes a theory of the laws which deviates strongly from all other current theories. The other current theories, all influenced by David Hume, are rigged against Christianity.

Can You Lead a Growing Ministry Without Being Overwhelmed, Overstretched, and Exhausted?

24 May 2017 | Ramez Atallah

We all know what it feels like to have too much to do. It can be painful to struggle under the weight of the responsibilities of leading a growing ministry. Is it possible to do this in a healthy manner? This talk will share some principles gleaned from over 45 years of full-time ministry that should help you enjoy and flourish long-term in your ministry.

Why are your wounds sometimes deeper than your convictions?

22 May 2017 | Jerry Root

Jerry Root, Professor of Christian Education, Wheaton College, answers the question "Why are your wounds sometimes deeper than your convictions?" related to his talk "Why are your wounds sometimes deeper than your convictions?" given at the 2017 European Leadership Forum.

How can you grow as a Christian leader?

21 May 2017 | John Stevens

John Stevens, National Director, Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches, answers the question "How can you grow as a Christian leader?" related to his talk "The Qualities of an Effective Christian Leader" given at the 2017 European Leadership Forum.

Strategic Business Principles We Should Apply to Missions and Ministries

24 May 2017 | Robert Edmiston

Just because it is ministry, doesn't mean we should abandon logic or accountability and common sense. We should always seek to get value for money in our endeavors. Of course we should always be open for God to overrule, but that doesn't excuse dealing with a slack hand. 'The hand of the diligent shall prosper'.  How do we do this?

Winning The Purity War: The Abuse of God’s Design for Sexual Purity

20 May 2017 | Jim Cecy

Countless thousands of our fellow Christians are being caught in the web of immorality and are being eaten alive by the wickedness of sin. What are practical steps Christians can take to deal with temptation? How can they address problems before they become more serious?