Fear: The Chink in My Armor

21 May 2017 | Jim Cecy

God gave us the emotion of fear to generate energy to respond appropriately to power. We have learned to abuse this emotion by running from God, from ourselves, and from others. In terms of affecting our witness and ministry, it truly has become the chink in our armor. In this workshop we will learn how to understand our fear and use it as God designed.

How to Build a Sexual Ethic

20 May 2017 | Stefan Gustavsson

How then can we build a healthy sexual ethic? What criteria to use when drawing a line between the ethical and the un-ethical? What perspectives from natural revelation can help us – and what are the binding perspectives in special revelation, the Bible?

The Prophets in a Media World

21 Aug 2017 | Tony Watkins

This talk explores the relationship between the biblical prophets and today’s media world by exploring themes which are central to both.

How do public debates contribute to the growth of the Gospel?

22 May 2017 | David Brown

David Brown, Chairman, The Evangelism Commission, French National Council of Evangelicals, answers the question "How do public debates contribute to the growth of the Gospel?" related to his talk "Why Has the Evangelical Church in France Grown by 1,000%?" given at the 2017 European Leadership Forum.

Finding Peace in the Grip of Stress

21 May 2017 | Emoke Tapolyai

Why is it so difficult to manage stress? Once in the grip of stress how can we get out of it?  What are the tools to manage stress so it does not hurt our lives and our relationships. What are God's guidelines to overcome stress?  This talk will focus on giving practical guidelines for managing stress and anxiety.

What are the different causes and types of depression?

23 May 2017 | Pablo Martinez

Pablo Martinez, Psychiatrist and Former President, Spanish Evangelical Alliance, answers the question "What are the different causes and types of depression?" related to his talk "A Thorn in the Flesh: Is Depression Relevant to Artists?" given at the 2017 European Leadership Forum.