Possible Alternatives to the Standard Cosmological Model

22 May 2017 | Andy McIntosh

By using exactly the same general relativity differential equations that Einstein used, but with different initial conditions, Humphreys, Hartnett, and others have shown that one then gets a gradient of time dilation effects across the early expansion. This talk will explore the implications of this. 

Church Revitalisation as a Network or Denominational Strategy

22 May 2018 | John Stevens

This talk considers the particular contribution that denominations and church networks can make to church revitalisation and how denominations and networks can catalyse a vision for revitalisation and coordinate resources and expertise so as to ensure the maximum effectiveness. 

What are some of the signs that a church needs revitalisation?

22 May 2018 | David Brown

David Brown, Chairman, The Evangelism Commission, French National Council of Evangelicals, answers the question "What are some of the signs that a church needs revitalisation?" related to his talk "An Introduction to Church Revitalisation" given at the 2018 European Leadership Forum.

What are some qualities of healthy hermeneutics?

21 May 2018 | Peter Mead

Peter Mead, Director, Cor Deo, answers the question "What are some qualities of healthy hermeneutics?", related to his talk "Five Ways to Influence the Personal Bible Habits of Others" given at the 2018 European Leadership Forum.

How Do I Manage My Life God's Way?

20 May 2018 | Jim Cecy

In this biblical and practical examination of Galatians 5:16-18 and Ephesians 5:15-18 we are reminded that life skill transformation begins with learning what it means to walk daily under the control of the indwelling Holy Spirit of God. 

For the Beauty of the Church

20 May 2018 | Charles David Kelley

What does God say about art and artists? Throughout history, the arts in all their forms have mirrored cultural change and even injected voice into our theological understanding. This talk examines the convergence of art, culture, and faith from a Biblical perspective.