Pope Francis's "The Joy of the Gospel": Is It All Good News?

22 May 2018 | Leonardo De Chirico

The talk provides an overview of the papal document in the attempt to understand the heart of the Pope in his own terms and to provide an evangelical critique.

Talking with Young People about Sex

23 May 2018 | Dave Patty

While everyone else is talking about sex, the ones who have the most wisdom to give - parents, youth leaders, pastors and older friends - are often embarrassingly quiet. How should you talk with young people about sex? Drawing from over 30 years’ experience in work with young people in Europe, Dave Patty equips you to be ready for life-changing conversations. 

What are some of the signs that a church needs revitalisation?

22 May 2018 | David Brown

David Brown, Chairman, The Evangelism Commission, French National Council of Evangelicals, answers the question "What are some of the signs that a church needs revitalisation?" related to his talk "An Introduction to Church Revitalisation" given at the 2018 European Leadership Forum.

How does the New Testament depict the marriage relationship?

23 May 2016 | Richard Winter

Richard Winter, Psychotherapist and Professor Emeritus of Practical Theology and Counseling, Covenant Theological Seminary, answers the question "How does the New Testament depict the marriage relationship?" related to his talk "Enhancing the Beauty and Engaging with the Brokenness of Sex within Marriage" given at the 2016 European Leadership Forum.