The Christian Artist:Inside and Outside of the Church

23 May 2017 | Delta David Gier

Considering that creativity is one of the foremost attributes of God and that His gifting has been (and continues to be) lavished upon artists past and present, what does the Church stand to gain from dialogue with the artistic community today?

Five Lies Women in Leadership Often Believe

22 May 2016 | Vesna Radeka

As women increasingly live out their calling as leaders, we often believe lies that keep us from being as effective as we could be. 

How has Europe become post-secular?

Christel Lamère Ngnambi, Brussels Representative, European Evangelical Alliance, answers the question "How has Europe become post-secular?" related to her talk "Advocacy and Religious Freedom in Europe" given at the 2016 European Leadership Forum.

What do Muslims say about the New Testament?

21 May 2016 | Fouad Masri

Fouad Masri, Founder and President, Crescent Project, answers the question "What do Muslims say about the New Testament?" related to his talk "Is the Injeel Corrupted? How to Share the Validity of the New Testament with Muslims" given at the 2016 European Leadership Forum.

Why is the Reformation’s work unfinished?

21 May 2017 | Leonardo De Chirico

Leonardo De Chirico, Director, Reformanda Initiative; Pastor, Breccia di Roma Church, answers the question "Why is the Reformation’s work unfinished?" related to his talk "Why was the Reformation Important?" given at the 2017 European Leadership Forum.

How did Moses demonstrate godly humility?

23 May 2016 | Josef Pavlinak

Josef Pavlinak, Director, Integrity Life, answers the question "How did Moses demonstrate godly humility?" related to his talk "Humility in Christian Leadership" given at the 2016 European Leadership Forum.