How Do We Make Biblical Decisions in a Complicated World?

31 May 2015 | Jacob Reynolds

Few, if any, Christians or Christian organisations have the luxury of being able to make pure biblical decisions without reference or regard to the complicated and confused world in which we live. This lecture will look at some broad theological principles which should guide decision making, while considering practical questions such as "What do you do when faced with a major decision?", "What are the Biblical principles that guide you?", “How do you respond to unexpected change?”, "Where do people usually get stuck and what steps do you take to become unstuck?”.

What do Millennials value?

30 May 2015 | Teri McCarthy

Teri McCarthy, Associate Professor, Lithuanian Education University, answers the question "What do Millennials value?" related to her talk "Millennials: Communicating with a Globalised Generation" given at the 2015 European Leadership Forum. 

What makes planting a church so challenging?

30 May 2015 | Theo Bunescu

Theo Bunescu answers the question “What makes planting a church so challenging?“ related to his talk "Coaching Church Planters: Taking the Role and Joining the Journey" given at the 2015 European Leadership Forum. 

How is human flourishing a central part of the Christian message?

28 May 2014 | David Horner

Answers to key questions from well-known and respected authors and speakers.

How can the church develop a culture of public leadership?

1 Jun 2015 | Dave Landrum

Dave Landrum answers the question "How can the church develop a culture of public leadership?" related to his talk "Public Leadership: The Church's Need and How It Can Impact the Culture" given at the 2015 European Leadership Forum.

God's Loving Questions

31 May 2015 | Ellis Potter

We use the word Apologetics principally because of 1 Peter 3:15, which supposes that people ask us questions about the faith that is in us.  Actually, people do not always (or often) ask questions, so to open the door to evangelism we need to do the "pre-apologetic" work of asking the questions. In fact, God evangelized Adam through pre-apologetic questions. If we follow this method successfully, with the help of the Holy Spirit, a situation appropriate for preaching and proclamation can develop.  

Keep Up With The Forum On Social Media

3 Jun 2015 | Kevin Saylor

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