How was abortion regarded behind the Iron Curtain?

26 May 2014 | Roxana Stanciu

Answers to key questions from well-known and respected authors and speakers.

A Theology for Relationships

31 May 2015 | Ken Sande

The Bible provides a wealth of guidance on how to build close relationships with God and the people around us. In this session we will organize this teaching into a simple, six-part discipleship paradigm called "relational wisdom." This paradigm is centered on God, informed by Scripture, and driven by the gospel of Christ.

Does my personality matter in disciple-making?

Wolf Christian Jaeschke answers the question "Does my personality matter in disciple-making?" related to his talk "The PERSON Discipling Others" given at the 2015 European Leadership Forum.

How can we fight against technological dependencies?

26 May 2014 | Rodica Mocan

Answers to key questions from well-known and respected authors and speakers.

Nature and Nurture: Exploring Tough Questions in Genetics and Sin Patterns

3 Jun 2015 | Emanuel Tundrea

We are born in a certain family and we inherit a great number of the characteristics of that family: weaknesses and strengths, diseases, IQ coefficient, physical similarities, temperament, likes and dislikes. We inherit the inclinations for certain jobs and to follow certain paths in life. Have you ever wondered whether we can change this ‘inheritance’ and be different from our families? An Old Testament proverb addresses this very issue:
‘The fathers have eaten sour grapes,
And the children’s teeth are set on edge’ (Ezekiel 18:2)

Why should we preach the Psalms?

31 May 2015 | Peter Mead

Peter Mead answers the question “Why should we preach the Psalms?“ related to his talk "Introduction to the Book of Psalms" given at the 2015 European Leadership Forum. 

Keep Up With The Forum On Social Media

3 Jun 2015 | Kevin Saylor

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