De-Conversion: Why People Leave the Christian Faith - and (Re)Turn to It

20 May 2018 | Paul Copan

Many of us know individuals who have abandoned the Christian faith of their youth, often for intellectual reasons and the onset of deep doubts. These reasons should be understood and fairly examined. But so should the reasons of those intellectuals who have (re)turned to the Christian faith.

Building Intimacy with God and Growing Closer Together

19 May 2018 | Jelena Sivulka

If we want to love our spouse with God’s love, we have to be connected to Him and joined spiritually to one another.  How can our relationship with God affect our marriage? What are some of the practical ways we can bond together? 

How does rampant selfishness affect our relationships?

21 May 2018 | Pablo Martinez

Pablo Martinez, Psychiatrist and Former President, Spanish Evangelical Alliance, answers the question "How does rampant selfishness affect our relationships?", related to his talk "Love, Health, and Faith in Family Life" given at the 2018 European Leadership Forum.

The Gospel in Europe Today

21 May 2018 | David Brown

What is the status of Gospel ministry in Europe today? What are the challenges and opportunities that European Christian leaders face? What strategies have proven the most effective?

Church Revitalisation as a Network or Denominational Strategy

22 May 2018 | John Stevens

This talk considers the particular contribution that denominations and church networks can make to church revitalisation and how denominations and networks can catalyse a vision for revitalisation and coordinate resources and expertise so as to ensure the maximum effectiveness. 

How Lives Are Changed

21 May 2018 | Jerry Root

In part, preaching the Scriptures transformatively requires that the preacher understand what it means to be filled with the Spirit. This talk sets forth how the preacher can be filled with the Spirit and how this is essential for good homiletics.