24 May 2017

Under the many pressures of life we can easily feel our passion cooling as we continue to serve God. What can we do when we feel that drop in temperature? How can we fan the flames so that our walk with Christ and our ministry can continue to thrive in the midst of all life's complexities? Peter Mead offers five ways to keep your love for Jesus burning!

24 May 2017

Throughout the history of Christian spiritual formation, maturity has virtually always been conceptualized as union with God and His mission for the world. What prevents us from growing in Christ? How do we help others to mature? Peter Saunders interviews Jerry Root, Professor of Christian Education at Wheaton College, on defining and achieving spiritual maturity.

24 May 2017

What causes depression in artists? How can clinical depression be recognized? Are there unique sensitivities that make depression almost universal among artists? Dr. Martinez addresses these questions and provides a Biblical framework for depression and in the process, shares preventative measures and ways out.

23 May 2017

You've spent time building a strong relationship with non-believing neighbors, co-workers, maybe even refugees. Now, realizing that a "silent testimony" of conduct falls far short of communicating the content of the Gospel, you feel that you need to be open about what you believe. This talk explores: Why we dig the friendship trench?How we can climb out?

21 May 2017

So many of us have come from families where we witnessed divorce, abuse and addiction, and unless we have a clear alternative from Scripture we will repeat many of our parents' parenting problems. This talk will review what all parents should know about raising their children and how to help other parents.

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