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Travelling Speakers

What is the Travelling Speakers Initiative?

This initiative connects Forum speakers with leaders and groups hosting local events throughout Europe. We encourage you to consider inviting a Forum speaker to your area in order to:

  • Reach out to unbelievers through apologetic and evangelistic events
  • Encourage and challenge believers in your church and community
  • Conduct small-group and one-on-one mentoring meetings with local leaders

How Does it Work?

Is there a particular Forum speaker you would like to invite to lead an event in your church, university, or organisation? We can help you reach out to that individual, who will review your submission, along with his/her schedule, to see if he/she can accept your invitation. Complete the request form, and, if your choice is not listed, select "Other", adding the name of the speaker in the text-box beneath it. Please bear in mind that some speakers are booked months, even years, in advance.

In most cases, our role will be merely to connect you and your request with the Forum speaker, but in some cases we will work with you, on behalf of the speaker, to develop a plan for your event and how you will involve the speaker.

There are a number of Forum Speakers who have already agreed to conduct a European speaking tour in 2017/18, as you can see below. Next to each speaker are the topics on which he/she is able and ready to speak. If you want to invite one of these speakers, you can also indicate this on the request form.

Please note that in all cases it is necessary for hosting leaders/groups to provide the speaker with accommodation and to contribute to his/her intra-European travel. In the case of North American speakers, it may also be necessary to contribute toward his/her transatlantic travel.

Speaker Tours: 2017/18