16 May 2022

Whether you’ve been in leadership roles for years or you’re new to leadership in a formal sense, we all know what it’

19 May 2021

People have been communicating for thousands of years, but somehow the 21st century seems uniquely challenging. How d

16 May 2021

A theology of engagement is lacking in the church.

17 May 2021

Our witness for Christ in Europe takes place within a clash of worldviews.

17 May 2021

The world needs whole-life disciples of Jesus.

The Forum of Christian Leaders online provides critical resources for Christian Leaders wherever you are. We bring you leading speakers from around the world providing 2-3 minute answers to key questions, 15-30 minute talks on important issues to the church, longer workshops and in-depth live webinars where you can interact.


Answers to Questions

Do you have questions? We all do. Answers to Questions asks Christian leaders tough questions. This is your chance to listen in and hear what they say.

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Short Talks

Distilled Truth. What do you get when you ask an excellent communicator to give a talk on something they have thought about for years?

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Life is complicated. Sometimes to really understand a problem - and God's solution - takes some time. Forum Seminars are informed Christian analyses on crucial topics.

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