24 May 2020

Tragically several high-profile Christian leaders have fallen from the faith in the last year.

28 May 2020

Originally designed by the Christian Medical Fellowship to help medical students share their faith, and refined over

24 May 2020

The Old Testament prophets played a critical role in revealing God’s plan of salvation.

22 May 2020

Good leaders are better defined by ‘who they are’ rather than ‘what they do’.

27 May 2020

As members of Christ’s body, Christians are called to collaborate, yet working in partnership with other churches or

The Forum of Christian Leaders online provides critical resources for Christian Leaders wherever you are. We bring you leading speakers from around the world providing 2-3 minute answers to key questions, 15-30 minute talks on important issues to the church, longer workshops and in-depth live webinars where you can interact.


Answers to Questions

Do you have questions? We all do. Answers to Questions asks Christian leaders tough questions. This is your chance to listen in and hear what they say.

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Short Talks

Distilled Truth. What do you get when you ask an excellent communicator to give a talk on something they have thought about for years?

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Life is complicated. Sometimes to really understand a problem - and God's solution - takes some time. Forum Seminars are informed Christian analyses on crucial topics.

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