Lindsay Olesberg

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Lindsay Olesberg is a Bible teacher and Scripture Engagement leader with more than 35 years of ministry experience. She has provided Scripture Engagement leadership for numerous Urbana Missions Conferences, Cape Town 2010 (Lausanne’s Third Global Congress), and Lausanne’s Younger Leaders Generation. Lindsay is the author of The Bible Study Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to an Essential Practice (IVP) and Ephesians: Studying with the Global Church (Hendrickson). She serves as chair of Wycliffe USA’s board of directors and as a member of the board for Revive Europe and Servant Partners. Lindsay holds degrees from Pomona College (B.A. Asian Studies) and Fuller Theological Seminary (M.A. Theology). She and her husband Jon, a physicist working in the biotech industry, live in New Mexico, USA. They have two adult children.