A Leader After God’s Own Heart: Leadership Lessons from the Life of David

19 May 2019 | Sarah Breuel

From all men and women in history, what makes David unique in God’s eyes to be given such a description as a man after God's own heart? In this workshop, we will look at the inner life and leadership of David, asking what we can learn from God’s anointed king.


Human Rights and the Family

21 May 2019 | Nola Leach

Using examples from CARE’s policy work on family issues in the Parliaments and Assemblies of the United Kingdom, Nola Leach illustrates lessons learned and highlights some trends and general principles which can be applied when upholding the value of marriage and the family.

How should the mission shape the church you are planting?

21 May 2019 | Martin Robinson

Martin Robinson is principal and chief executive of Springdale College: Together in Mission. After thirteen years in local ministry, Martin went to work for the Bible Society in the UK in a variety of roles including director of mission and theology. Martin has written many books on the broad theme of mission, including Faith of the Unbeliever and Invading Secular Space. Here he answers questions about his talk "Multi-Cultural Church Planting," given at the 2019 European Leadership Forum.

How much manuscript evidence do we have for the New Testament?

19 May 2019 | Peter J. Williams

Peter J. Williams is the Principal and CEO of Tyndale House, Cambridge. He is also an Affiliated Lecturer in the Faculty of Divinity in the University of Cambridge and a member of the Translation Oversight Committee of the English Standard Version of the Bible. Here, he answers questions related to his talk on the reliability of Scripture at the 2019 European Leadership Forum.


How does prayer put us in communion with God?

20 May 2019 | Ann Blaser

Ann Pritchard Blaser has led women through Bible Study Fellowship International, teaching Scripture classes for women and training leadership groups for thirty years. Here, she answers questions about having a thirst for God, a workshop she led at the 2019 European Leadership Forum.

The Teenage Brain: Understanding the Physiological and Emotional World of an Adolescent

22 May 2019 | Kristy Williams

The teenager's brain has incredible potential. Yet, if youth and the adults working with them do not understand this powerful organ, we may be missing opportunities to shepherd and mentor the next generation. This workshop will look at a teenager's brain development and its neurological stages, hormonal levels, stress functions, substance and addiction issues, and several other topics giving insight into why teenagers act and feel the ways that they do.

Handling a Public Q&A Session

21 May 2019 | Michael Ots

A key part of presenting the gospel is showing that it stands up to scrutiny. One of the best ways to do this is by inviting questions after we have spoken. However, while many of us are experienced at answering questions in conversation, we may be less equipped to handle the unique challenges of doing this in public - especially when the audience can be hostile. What do we do when one member of the audience angrily wants to take you down? How do you get people interested when at first no one wants to ask questions? How do we avoid the many pitfalls at such times.