Introduction to Genesis

22 May 2022 | Andy Hamilton

Genesis is the launch pad of the biblical story: the story of creation, the birth of the human race, the introduction of sin, the origin of the nation of Israel and the first steps of God’s plan of salvation. Grasping the message of Genesis is the basis for all that follows. In this talk, we introduce the purpose, structure and themes of Genesis and prepare to study through this book.

Art: The Language of the European Soul

22 May 2022 | Charles David Kelley

Tim Keller said, “The church needs artists because without art we cannot reach the world.” Why? Because artists speak a powerful language that unlocks the soul, the language of art. From the moment of Creation, continuing throughout the New Testament and into the early church, artists have served the Lord with their gifts. Art is the language of imagination, values, creativity, experience, and emotions. Artists are especially created with the capacity and calling to speak to hearts.

A Transforming Vision: Motivation for the Privileged Task of Apologetics

22 May 2022 | John Kirkpatrick

Knowing 'why' we do anything is of core importance. Where is our confidence to be found? What motivates us and sustains us in the long road of service? This talk aims to inform and inspire us in the apologetic task, the great and exciting task of sharing our faith at this pivotal time in European History.

Gospel-Shaped Leaders

22 May 2022 | Stefan Gustavsson

Too often, Christian leadership is tainted by personal ambition, empire-building, and lack of integrity. But what does it look like when leaders are shaped by the gospel? This talk looks at what it means to be “gospel people” (or “evangelicals”), why it is so important, and how we can cultivate integrity to the gospel.

How to Give Women the Hunger to Grow

23 May 2022 | Ann Blaser

No one grows spiritually until they have a love for the study of the Bible and an understanding of the joy that comes out of communicating with God. In this talk, we practice a method of Bible study that helps us to apply the Bible to personal life with transparency and vulnerability. In the process, we learn what it is to fellowship and laugh with each other as we grow spiritually. We put simple practices in place that are essential for multi-tasking women in order to keep a godly perspective as we go through our day. What is the result of this?

What Is a Worldview? How Does It Shape the Way We See the World and Do Evangelism?

22 May 2022 | Tom Price

Thinking about worldviews is important because of the power and effect of a worldview, but what are the different elements of a worldview and how can we uncover them? How can we help people decide which worldview is a good one and which worldview is a bad one? This talk gives tools and teaches practical skills that will enable people to have helpful and enjoyable conversations about our deeper beliefs with those around them.