The Communion of Giving and Receiving

26 May 2020 | Rob Martin

Why is fundraising so hard? How can we fundraise in a biblical and healthy way? This session explores the concept of sustained interdependence, when ministries are strengthened and supported by local boards, local funding, and local accountability, which in turn creates local ownership and responsibility. Sustained interdependence allows engagement and partnership where all are equal partners at the foot of the cross. This session gives practical steps that foster the communion of giving and receiving where mere transactions become transformative and dependency moves to discipleship.

Divine Creation: Information, Death and Suffering, and the Origin of Life

25 May 2020 | Fraser Fleming

Life on earth started remarkably quickly, so quickly as to raise the question of whether the origin of life was preprogrammed. Several uncanny events in the earth's development raise questions of divine ordering, but never so much as to provide direct evidence for God's hand in creation. Where did this information come from, what significant events affected the development of life, how did life begin, and what are the current limits of naturalistic processes?

How Confident Can We Be That Genetic Information Required an Intelligent Programmer?

26 May 2020 | Kirk Durston

This talk presents the latest evidence that genetic information requires significant levels of functional information, which is a fingerprint of an intelligent programmer. The seminar begins by explaining how genetic information can be measured. That approach is then applied, using two different approaches, to show that a very significant level of genetic information must be encoded into DNA to produce biological proteins.

Know the Bible

24 May 2020 | Tomáš Henžel

Paul’s preparation for being a church planter was being steeped in Scripture ‘from birth.’ His modus-operandi was to open the Scriptures and point to Christ. When we plant churches, we are not primarily in the world of process and start-up culture (even if we can learn from them - and we will!), but we are doing spiritual work with spiritual tools. The apostles devoted themselves to prayer and to the word. We need to remember that what people are converted by is what they are converted to.

The Nature and Problems with Scientific Naturalism

27 May 2020 | J.P. Moreland

This presentation is an assessment of scientific naturalism. We will examine the three aspects of Scientific Naturalism as a worldview and explain their interrelationship. Then we will look at several reasons why Scientific Naturalism lacks the epistemological resources and explanatory power to be a rationally acceptable worldview.

Coaching and Youth: How to Interact, Connect, Lead, and Disciple Young People

24 May 2020 | Zala Cempre

Have you ever talked to a young person and tried to figure out how to answer their questions? Questions like: What is my purpose? Which school should I attend? I know I should read the Bible, but I don’t want to, so what should I do? When confronted with questions like these, leaders we are quick to give young people suggestions on what they “should” do. However, this often doesn’t bear much fruit. When examining how Jesus interacted with people, sometimes he answered their questions with a question.