Maintaining Clear Doctrinal and Moral Boundaries to Protect Christian Organisations

18 May 2021 | Wayne Grudem

New members are continually joining Christian organisations, bringing with them new ideas. Do we need to establish some doctrinal and moral boundaries to keep our organisations from going astray? When should we add new boundaries? What boundaries should be drawn? This workshop will propose some general principles to consider along with some specific recent examples.

The Problem of Suffering: Lessons from the Book of Job

16 May 2021 | Stefan Gustavsson

Suffering is a fact of human existence, facing every generation, including us. In the Bible, a whole book – Job – deals with this dilemma: God is the good creator, and yet we as his creatures are stuck in horrible situations – in his world! What can we learn from the book of Job about God, humans, and suffering?

Questioning Evangelism for the 21st Century

18 May 2021 | Randy Newman

The gospel never changes but our audiences do—in seemingly limitless ways. How to proclaim good news, so people actually hear it, has always been a challenge for God’s people. For starters, evangelism needs to be more dialogical and conversational and less confrontational and presentational. This seminar flows out of decades of evangelistic ministry and extensive research about how people are actually coming to faith today.

Healthy Church Leadership: Ministry for the Long Haul

16 May 2021 | Stef Liston

Serving the body of Christ in leadership is a privilege, a joy and a blessing. It is also spiritually draining, mentally demanding, and emotionally challenging! How do we take care of ourselves so that we will last the course and finish strong? What we know we are called to do will flow from who we know we are called to be.

Cultural Apologetics: Engaging Values and Worldviews in Popular Culture

Each day we encounter a pluralism of themes, stories and arguments in movies, television series, and other products of popular culture. Many of these messages influence how biblical truth is perceived, both outside and within the church, and thus with implications both for evangelism and discipleship. Therefore, we need to be equipped to engage such media messages with sensitivity and integrity, both as media narratives and at the underlying levels of values and worldviews.

Human Trafficking: The Sexy Cause and Why the Church Is Not Called to Rescue

17 May 2021 | Ioana Bauer

Human trafficking is modern day slavery and it can be found in every country, rich or poor. An estimated 35 million people are enslaved in the world today, and traffickers are making over $150 billion each year. It is the second largest illegal industry after drugs, but in this case we are talking about selling and buying people. Most often, these victims are what Jesus calls ‘the least of these’, the modern day orphan, widow, or foreigner. The major forms of exploitation are forced labour and sexual exploitation.