How to Develop a National Strategy for Apologetics

20 May 2019 | Stefan Gustavsson

There is an urgent need for apologetics – explaining and defending the Good News in post-Christian Europe. But how can we move from sporadic seminars or individual lectures about apologetics to a strategic, long-term building up of a culture of apologetics in the church and in our evangelism? In this presentation Stefan Gustavsson shares his experience of a 30 year ministry of building an apologetic movement in Sweden.

The Longing for a Thirst for God

22 May 2019 | Ann Blaser

Ann Pritchard Blaser has led women through Bible Study Fellowship International, teaching Scripture classes for women and training leadership groups for thirty years. In this talk, Ann asks the question, How long has it been since you recognized a desire to pray as Moses did, “LORD show me your glory”? Has your quiet time seemed wooden and stiff instead of filled with holy desire? Are you asking God to give you the joy of the early days of your salvation? In this workshop we consider how to develop a thirst in us that only He can quench.

In what ways is Christianity still relevant in post-Christian Europe?

19 May 2019 | Ralf Bergmann

Ralf Bergmann is an educator and researcher involved in solid-state physics, semiconductors, photovoltaics and optical technologies at several research institutions in Germany and Australia. Beyond his research, he is interested in defending the reasonability of the Christian faith, especially all around the border triangle of physics, philosophy, and theology as well as the relevance of the Christian faith for modern western society.

How do scholars help the church fulfill its mission?

21 May 2019 | Daryl McCarthy

Daryl McCarthy serves as Vice President of Academic Programs and Strategy with the Forum of Christian Leaders (FOCL). Besides leading the ELF Academic Network, he also directs the Cambridge Scholars Network. Here Daryl answers questions from his talk, "Does the Church Need Scholars?", at the 2019 European Leadership Forum.


Helping Young People Find a Home in the Local Church

21 May 2019 | Andrej Lovse

Often youth ministries create subcultures where young people feel very much at home but still feel disconnected from the general life of the church. When this happens, we face the real danger of young people walking away from the church when they “graduate” from the youth ministry. This seminar looks at how you can help young people truly find their home in the local church and help the larger church body reach out to the young people.