Building Intimacy with God and Growing Closer Together

19 May 2018 | Jelena Sivulka

If we want to love our spouse with God’s love, we have to be connected to Him and joined spiritually to one another.  How can our relationship with God affect our marriage? What are some of the practical ways we can bond together? 

Jesus-Shaped Cultures: The Historical Impact of the Gospel

22 May 2018 | Paul Copan

Many key features of Western civilization—democracy, human rights, science, the free market, public education—are the legacy of the biblical faith being lived out by believers in society. 

The Challenge of Singleness

1 May 2018 | Marek Macak

Christian singleness is a specific witness to the presence of the kingdom and the coming Christ, putting many contemporary idols into question. In the context of European churches, the value of singleness needs to be rediscovered.

What is the biblical basis for humility?

21 May 2017 | Bruce Little

Bruce Little, President, Forum for Christian Thought, answers the question "What is the biblical basis for humility?" related to his talk "Humility and Civility in Apologetics" given at the 2017 European Leadership Forum.

How to Keep Mavericks on Your Team

20 May 2018 | Ramez Atallah

Many bureaucracies exclude “mavericks” who don’t fit into their staff rules and regulations. Yet often these “mavericks” are those who give life and taste to the organisation. It takes deliberate discipline and a certain perspective to manage to keep them on staff and help their colleagues accept them.

What is the basis in Genesis for Christian fellowship?

23 May 2017 | Tina Tschage

Tina Tschage, Author and Speaker, answers the question "What is the basis in Genesis for Christian fellowship?" related to her talk "It's Not Good to Be Alone: Sharing Life in Christian Community" given at the 2017 European Leadership Forum.