Evolution by Design: Exploring an Evolution-Compatible Natural Theology

24 May 2020 | Zachary Ardern

The multifaceted evidence for common descent, a single tapestry of life, has convinced most biologists since Darwin. This evidence has become stronger in the genomics era. This talk will explore what can be said about design arguments in light of the genomic evidence and purported counter-examples, and propose some ways forward for Christian scientists and apologists. In particular, I suggest a framework of ‘fine-tuning’ as helpful for both considering evolutionary theory from within a Christian worldview and introducing people to the coherence of this worldview.

Freedom, Religious Liberty, and the Church

27 May 2020 | David Hilborn

Christianity plays a foundational role in shaping key concepts of personal, religious, and political freedom – concepts that are too often assumed nowadays to be secular in origin. The creation of all humanity in God’s image, God’s forging of covenants with Israel, Jesus's command to love one’s neighbour, and the Reformed doctrine of Common Grace – these and other key Christian beliefs catalysed subsequent movements defined by liberty of conscience and emergent forms of rights and democracy.

Refreshing Your Leadership in God's Grace: Christ's Invitation to Christian Leaders

25 May 2020 | Paul Coulter

“Come to me, all who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). Those words of Jesus are well known, but if we're honest, our leadership seldom feels restful. We slip into patterns of drivenness, workaholism, and control when our Lord calls us to an easy yoke. We run dry when Christ promises fullness. We explore wisdom from our experiences and from the greatest leader ever.

Adam, Eve, and Human Genetic Diversity

24 May 2020 | Richard Buggs

Has modern genetics disproven the idea of Adam and Eve? Could two individuals carry within them enough genetic variation to be the sole ancestors of today’s diverse human population? Theoretical and empirical studies of genetic bottlenecks show that large diverse populations can be descended from a single couple. Commonly-used methods of reconstructing past human population sizes would not point to a single couple bottleneck even if it were true. There are a range of historical scenarios by which a single couple could be the sole progenitors of present day human genetic diversity.

Law or Love: Everyday Questions in Raising Kids God’s Way

26 May 2020 | Emoke Tapolyai

Parenting is one of the biggest challenges in today’s society. Christian parents are challenged daily about the roots of their convictions. What do we believe about discipline, expectations, punishment, and family rules? On the other hand, what does love, forgiveness, encouragement and deep connectedness in a healthy Christian family look like according to God’s word? Christian families are continuously put on the front line of belief systems while their children are at risk.

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

24 May 2020 | Kristy Williams

What it takes to start a youth ministry is very different from what it takes to grow one or what is needed to expand its impact after it is healthy. Youth ministries follow certain patterns of development, and require a shift in focus from the leader at each stage. Not understanding these stages can create barriers to growth, since a youth leader will often not naturally concentrate on the right things. Looking at the development of Christ’s ministry, how do we understand these stages, and how do we lead our youth group through them?