An Introduction to 1 Peter: A Letter to the Suffering Unwanted

16 May 2021 | Peter Mead

The first epistle of Peter is a goldmine of biblical insight for the suffering church in any age. But what was the original situation? Who were the recipients of this letter? Why were they unwanted, and repeatedly so? What was the nature of their suffering?

Dry Aged Bones: Soft Tissue and Cells in Dinosaur Fossils

19 May 2021 | Harald Binder

Beginning in the 1990s, there have been several reports about preserved bio-macromolecules in Mesozoic dinosaur fossils. Due to experience in the laboratory in handling substances like these, flexible tissue and fragments from bio-macromolecules – millions of years old – are completely unexpected. What is the interpretation of this experimental data and what may it tell us about earth history? Chemist Harald Binder explains.

Developing a Financial Discipleship Ministry in a Local Church

16 May 2021 | Bert den Hertog

The Bible is full of wisdom about discipleship and finances. In this talk, Bert den Hertog uses biblical wisdom to help people to start their journey of financial discipleship. Included in this talk: what financial discipleship is and how to start a Financial Discipleship ministry in your local church.

Communicating Persuasively in a Post-Christian World

17 May 2021 | Lars Dahle

What does it mean to love God and to love people as we engage and work in an increasingly hostile world? We have to be sure about what we communicate (content) and also the manner in which we present truth. In our social media world, this last issue is an important one for all leaders. We want our communication to be truthful, clear, and gracious. How do we hold these apparently opposing tensions together?

Ransom, Redemption, and Forgiveness: What's Money Got to Do With the Atonement?

19 May 2021 | David McIlroy

The Bible frequently describes the atonement using terms taken from commerce and lending. These word pictures highlight that human beings are trapped by the power of evil, owe a debt to God, and have been saved at a cost. This talk looks at how we can use the experience of kidnap, slavery, and indebtedness to share our faith in ways that resonate with our culture.

Healthy Church Culture: Gathering up Mission to Regions Beyond

19 May 2021 | Stef Liston

‘The Great Commission is not the Great Suggestion!’ This Great Commission is the direct command of Jesus, our Commander-in-Chief, to every believer and every church. The life of every individual believer and every local church should be shaped around this commission to make disciples locally, globally and holistically.