Social Media and Propaganda: A Case Study

23 May 2023 | Veronika Šumová

Whether your country is currently at war or peace, the “information war” is something we are all experiencing. How did social media and the internet become key battlefields? What does this mean for us as individuals and for our societies, and what can we do about it?

God's Wisdom and the Foolishness of the Cross (1 Corinthians)

21 May 2023 | Stefan Gustavsson

Paul’s famous words in 1 Corinthians about the foolishness of the cross and his decision to preach the cross, but not with wisdom, have often been misinterpreted. For many they stand as evidence of a strong anti-intellectual strand in Paul’s thinking and a clear reason for us to neglect apologetics and instead focus on other issues.

Connected Leadership for Emerging Leaders: On Being Human

21 May 2023 | Ross Hendry

What does it mean to be fully human? This talk looks into the biblical perspective of the Imago Dei, contrasting it with the surrounding world view. We explore how distinctive leadership is exercised under Christ and in community.

Where is Art Going? Making Sense of New Art Forms

24 May 2023 | Rodica Mocan

Today, more than ever, it isn't easy to reach a consensus on what art is. Formally, aesthetically, and conceptually, art has evolved to a point where the possibility of a definition is being contested, not to mention reaching a common one. This was evident long before technology impacted all areas of life when modern art could still be approached from the paradigm of classical definitions.

A Transforming Vision: Motivation for the Privileged Task of Apologetics

22 May 2023 | Andy Witherall

Knowing 'why' we do anything is of core importance. Where is our confidence to be found? What motivates us and sustains us in the long road of service? This talk aims to inform and inspire us in the apologetic task, the great and exciting task of sharing our faith at this pivotal time in European History.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Influencing Us and Our World

24 May 2023 | Charlie Catlett

Mathematicians and computer scientists have developed and studied Artificial Intelligence (AI) for many decades. In 1950 Alan Turing, considered one of the fathers of computer science, proposed the "imitation game" (now called the Turing Test) to assess a computer's ability to interact in a fashion indistinguishable from a human. We discuss how AI systems work (without formulae or buzzwords), what we might expect in the coming decade, and how AI systems are playing an increasingly central role in culture and society.

The Truth About Islam's Origins

18 Jan 2024 | Jay Smith

So much of what we have been told concerning how Islam actually began is proving, through historical research, to be false. This talk introduces some of the newest and most exciting research on one of Islam's greatest weaknesses, an 'Achilles Heel' which will be the undoing of Islam's historical credibility.

The Heart of the Evangelist

21 May 2023 | Julia Garschagen

God came to seek and save. He gives us the enormous privilege to partake in this search of love for his beloved human beings. How can our testimony be inspired by the same motivation of love? How can we reflect Christ incarnated to those around us as we engage with them? And how do we overcome the fear of stepping on people's feet as we live and talk about the beauty, the truth, and the goodness of the Gospel?

Is Fine-Tuning an Argument for a Creator? A Harvard Pioneer on Chemical and Biological Design

24 May 2023 | Harald Binder

Lawrence J. Henderson, professor for chemistry at Harvard at the beginning of the 20th century, was doing research on physiological buffer-systems. Hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen and their molecules, water and carbon dioxide – building up earth’s atmosphere – work very nicely in essential tasks in physiological systems. This fact points to a teleological order. Henderson was convinced that there should be a mechanistic explanation which was – in his own words – “not at hand” and still isn’t.

How Do I Lead When I Struggle to Follow? Faith and Identity in Our Disciple-Making Commission

23 May 2023 | Heather Holdsworth

When we stand before groups asking questions that challenge--sharing passages for transformation--we speak words that delve into our own souls. How do we lead when our faith and identity tremble? In this talk, we consider the tensions of our disciple-making commission in this beautiful, mysterious journey with God.