What should be the goal of Christian political engagement?

19 May 2019 | John Stevens

John Stevens is the National Director of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches, a family of over 500 Bible-centred churches in the UK. Here he answers questions related to his talk "Political Engagement in a Post-Christian Secular Context" given at the 2019 European Leadership Forum.

Echoes of the Bible: How Its Themes Pervade Today's Movies and TV

19 May 2019 | Tony Watkins

Writers and film-makers may just want to tell a good story, but they inevitably communicate deeper messages. This is because our worldviews – our most fundamental beliefs and values – always show through in what we communicate. In the countless films made, most centre on a few underlying themes, reflecting central aspects of the Bible’s storyline. Here, Tony considers seven key themes, their connection to the Bible, how they therefore point to eternal realities, and how to communicate these realities more effectively.

Know the God of the Gospel

20 May 2019 | Philip Moore

In this talk, Philip covers Paul’s dramatic encounter with the risen Christ on the road to Damascus. Paul’s great letters are meditations on this world-changing event. His mission and ministry flow out of it. Through the gospel, Paul kept a vision of a big God with whom he had a vital relationship, and this impacted directly on how he planted.

Spiritual Warfare 101

20 May 2019 | Dave Patty

There is much confusion today in the area of spiritual warfare. Are Satan and his demons behind everything or so irrelevant they should be ignored? Is the battle in me or around me? Should I respond to every attack in the same way? In this seminar, Dave gives a broad biblical map for understanding spiritual warfare, showing the nature of our three main enemies, how to effectively fight each one of them, and the three levels of warfare with the forces of Satan.

The Prayers of Many

22 May 2019 | Mike Betts

Paul, in his writings, often urges the need for prayer in order that his mission will be fruitful. He simply cannot conceive that doing what he is attempting will be fruitful at all without the large-scale, ongoing “prayers of many.” Here, Mike explores how corporate prayer in the local church can once again become the driver for gospel fruitfulness it should be. Europe needs a movement of prayer in order to ignite a movement of gospel advance; the one cannot happen without the other.

How to Develop a National Strategy for Apologetics

20 May 2019 | Stefan Gustavsson

There is an urgent need for apologetics – explaining and defending the Good News in post-Christian Europe. But how can we move from sporadic seminars or individual lectures about apologetics to a strategic, long-term building up of a culture of apologetics in the church and in our evangelism? In this presentation Stefan Gustavsson shares his experience of a 30 year ministry of building an apologetic movement in Sweden.