The Romans 15 Blueprint for Local Church Life

19 May 2019 | Mike Betts

Mike Betts leads Relational Mission, a network of churches which is part of the global Newfrontiers family. From the 2019 European Leadership Forum, Mike speaks on Romans 15, which gives an extraordinary overview and insight into the mission, practices, principles, and priorities of Paul, his team, and the local churches working with him. He will draw up a list of what they did, how they did it, and what made them so fruitful and apply it to 21st century local church life.

Jesus' Four-Stage Approach to Making Disciples

21 May 2019 | Gregory Ogden

In this talk, Greg Ogden shows how Jesus' intent from the beginning of His ministry was to get His disciples ready to carry on His ministry after He returned to His Father. We observe the four progressive stages through which Jesus' brought the twelve so that they could assume responsibility to take the gospel to the world. After walking through these four stages, we will apply them to the way we disciple others so that they become disciple makers.


Know People

19 May 2019 | JD Gilmore

Here, J.D. speaks of the Christian life being the art of loving God and loving others, as we can only love others if we know them. Paul’s letters overflow with his deep love for and knowledge of others, and this was key to his success as a church planter. 1 Corinthians 9 is key – but so are many other passages. Church planting brings us into contact with other people in a dramatic, intense way.

Know the God of the Gospel

20 May 2019 | Philip Moore

In this talk, Philip covers Paul’s dramatic encounter with the risen Christ on the road to Damascus. Paul’s great letters are meditations on this world-changing event. His mission and ministry flow out of it. Through the gospel, Paul kept a vision of a big God with whom he had a vital relationship, and this impacted directly on how he planted.

Communicating about the Gospel with Roman Catholics

24 May 2018 | Leonardo De Chirico

What are the greatest sources of the Roman Catholic misunderstanding regarding the Gospel? What are most important biblical concepts with which to dialogue with Roman Catholics? This short talk reflects on effective methods of engaging Roman Catholics in meaningful and impactful evangelism.

How can you bless believers when you speak?

21 May 2019 | Adrian Reynolds

Adrian Reynolds serves as Associate National Director for the FIEC with particular responsibility for training, including developing leaders. Here, he answers questions about his workshop on "Understanding the Power of the Tongue," given at the 2019 European Leadership Forum.