5 Ways to Personally Enjoy the Bible More Than Ever

21 May 2019 | Peter Mead

Peter Mead is the director of Cor Deo, a ministry training programme in Chippenham, England. We all know the Bible is an incredible blessing and an important ingredient in our spiritual life. However, it is often spoken of as a burden for Christians, rather than a blessing. How can we enjoy God’s Word more than ever before? This seminar offers five suggestions to help your personal engagement with the Bible to be soul nourishing and life changing.


Empathy: Exploring a Christian Foundation of a Valuable Emotion in 2 Corinthians

22 Oct 2019 | H.H. Drake Williams

Empathy has been described as the most important emotion that a society can have. Unfortunately, in modern society, studies are showing that we are becoming less empathetic to each other. Christians also are frequently described as being judgmental and not empathetic either. This webinar will explore the quality of empathy that is found in 2 Corinthians. While some picture Paul as being critical, several sections of 2 Corinthians exhibit his deeply empathetic character. In this webinar, we will explore this emotion and the Christian foundation of it for Paul.

Real World Theology: How to Think Theologically About Any Field of Study

20 May 2018 | Juha Ahvio

As Christian scholars of any discipline, we are obliged to ’bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ’ and to reject epistemic idolatry. That is why we have to understand clearly our specifically Christian theological presuppositions and their consistent implications for various fields of thought.

What is key to making wise decisions?

21 May 2019 | Bobb Biehl

Bobb Biehl, President, Masterplanning Group International, answers questions related to his talk "Harnessing Your Instincts for Wiser Quick Decisions" given at the 2019 European Leadership Forum.

Can We Know the Exact Words of Scripture?

22 May 2019 | Peter J. Williams

Evangelical Christians often identify their supreme authority as the ‘original text’ of the Bible. But haven’t the originals been lost? Isn’t it problematic to adhere to a non-existent authority? And how are we to decide which text to follow when manuscripts disagree? What are we to do when a New Testament quotation seems to differ radically from the Old Testament text it is quoting? This lecture will argue the classic evangelical understanding of Scripture is robust today and is able to deal with the data of the manuscripts.