Discipling and Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

23 May 2023 | Kristy Williams

How we raise a future generation of disciple-making leaders is of urgent importance for the church in Europe today. Through this talk, we consider important principles for helping young people grow towards spiritual maturity as well as explore helpful practices for empowering young leaders.

Answering the Sexual Revolution

23 May 2023 | Stefan Gustavsson

Since the 1960s, the sexual revolution has swept the Western world and radically changed the way people think about sex and how they choose to live sexually. Previous assumptions about the importance of connecting sex with love and marriage, of excluding same-sex romantic relationships as well as polygamous or polyamorous relationships are now abandoned. How can we as Christian dialogue with and give an answer to the challenge posed by the sexual revolution?

Bionics: How and What Creation Teaches Us to Solve Mechanical Problems

23 May 2023 | Thomas Schmidt

During the last four decades a fast development of bio inspired engineering took place. The results are published under terms like Bionics, Biomechanics, Biotechnology, Biomimetics, Biomimicry, Bioengineering, Bioarchitecture. The talk presented will mainly focus on what a mechanical/structural/civil engineer can learn from these fields. Questions like: What can we learn from a frozen blanket applying the law of gravity? What can we learn from a tree – its seen and unseen parts? What can we learn from a tiger claw to design the optimal crane hook?

Discipling Young People: The Issues Teens Are Dealing with and How to Respond

22 May 2023 | Paul Bowman

Young people today have been described as 'the most physically safe but emotionally fragile generation in history'. Many young people struggle to cope with the demands of modern life, including social media, school, exams, and global issues. We want to help our young people live well when life shakes them! This talk explores the areas in a young person's life where discipleship is needed and provides insight into the qualities that we as leaders need to demonstrate if we are to provide loving care effectively.

Entertainment Media and the Good Life: An Analysis and a Christian Response

21 May 2023 | Margunn Dahle

We are surrounded by persuasive stories from popular culture, where happiness is portrayed as the good life. Such media stories usually emphasise pleasure, image, possessions, experiences, and personal worldview explorations. These key values reflect that consumerism, materialism, and individualism are influential idols in our contemporary Western culture. At the same time, the media stories also express deep longings for true identity, real community, deep joy, and authentic freedom.

Ten Lessons for Next Level Ministry Leadership: The Power of Outside Perspectives

20 May 2023 | Scott Poling

All leaders fall into ministry ruts and fail to see blind spots that may be obvious to others.  In this talk, we learn very practical, powerful and biblical lessons that can change the course of your life and ministry. This talk helps you identify best leadership practices and ways to incorporate them.

The Power of Vision: Planning, Communicating, and Generating Momentum Through Vision

23 May 2023 | Derek Webster

A clear vision can unite and mobilize churches and organisations. This talk helps you work through how to come up with a vision that is Spirit-led, clear, and compelling for your church or organisation.

Strong Foundations: Relational Leadership, Relational Church

22 May 2023 | Jon Beardon

This passage of Scripture in Acts 20:13-37, where Paul says goodbye to the elders of the Ephesian church, is breathtaking in its emotional intensity. These are not colleagues moving onto another assignment; these are dear friends on mission together. Parting touched their hearts. How can we build such a relational culture in local church leadership teams and across whole networks of churches? We also gain a stimulating insight in this passage concerning true spiritual authority and how it works within a relational framework rather than through title, office, or structure.