How does Dawkins fail to refute the evidence for design?

21 May 2017 | Peter S. Williams

Peter S. Williams, Assistant Professor, NLA University College Gimlekollen, answers the question "How does Dawkins fail to refute the evidence for design?" related to his talk "Deconstructing Dawkins' Defense: A Critical Response to the New Edition of 'The God Delusion'" given at the 2017 European Leadership Forum.

How to Communicate the Christian Worldview in the Public Square

23 May 2018 | Lars Dahle

Many parts of today's Europe are characterized by a secular and pluralistic public square, whether the arena is the media, the academy, or the workplace. As evangelical Christians, we are often marginalized in such public contexts. How can we communicate the Christian worldview with biblical authenticity and contemporary relevance in this public square? 

What are some of the signs that a church needs revitalisation?

22 May 2018 | David Brown

David Brown, Chairman, The Evangelism Commission, French National Council of Evangelicals, answers the question "What are some of the signs that a church needs revitalisation?" related to his talk "An Introduction to Church Revitalisation" given at the 2018 European Leadership Forum.

Arguments for Theism and How to Communicate Them to Scientists

22 May 2018 | Alexander Fink

Often Christians don't know how to respond to naturalistic arguments against the existence of God. The youth of the church are left without confidence that the gospel is still true in a world dominated by science. Which questions can help? What arguments can a non-scientist use in order to show the plausibility of the Christian faith? 

Empathy: A Key to Deeper and Stronger Relationships

20 May 2018 | Chip Zimmer

One of the most common causes of relational breakdown, whether in the family, church, or workplace, is a lack of empathy. The good news is that since each of us is made in the image of God, we have a natural capacity for developing and exercising God-like empathy. 

Pope Francis's "The Joy of the Gospel": Is It All Good News?

22 May 2018 | Leonardo De Chirico

The talk provides an overview of the papal document in the attempt to understand the heart of the Pope in his own terms and to provide an evangelical critique.

Being a Christian Artist

20 May 2018 | Liviu Mocan

What does it mean to be a Christian artist?  How can artists use their gifts to share the gospel?  What challenges to Christian artists often face and how can they overcome them? Richard Winter, Psychotherapist and Emeritus Professor of Practical Theology and Counseling, Covenant Theological Seminary, interviews Liviu Mocan on his experience being a Christian artist.

In what ways did the Reformation recover the essence of the Gospel?

21 Jul 2017 | Lindsay Brown

Lindsay Brown, Director, FEUER, answers the question "In what ways did the Reformation recover the essence of the Gospel?" related to his talk "The Fruits of the Reformation" given at the 2017 European Leadership Forum.