How to Engage in the Public Square with Convictions and Civility

23 May 2023 | Ross Hendry

In a world that rewards convictions expressed with little civility and civility without deep convictions, how do Christians demonstrate an authentic Christ-likeness? Being faithful in the public square means practicing “convicted civility” – having convictions and compassion even when those around us don't. We consider what it looks like and how we can speak with grace and truth in politics.

Why Catholics and Evangelicals Think So Differently: Evaluating the Roman Catholic View of Scripture

23 May 2023 | Leonardo De Chirico

The “Biblical Renewal” is one of the most significant movements that have both preceded and followed the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). After centuries of prohibiting the circulation of the Bible in the vernacular languages, the Roman Catholic Church has been working hard to reconnect with the Scriptures. While rejoicing for some fruits of the “Biblical Renewal” that is taking place in Roman Catholicism, the analysis of key magisterial texts shows that in no way has Rome come closer to Sola Scriptura, that is, the obedience to the self-attesting Word of God.

Manipulation and Propaganda: How to Recognise and Deal With It

23 May 2023 | Ralf Bergmann

What is good reasoning and what is manipulation? How can manipulation be recognized in the private as well as in the public sphere? What is propaganda and how does it work? In this talk we analyse some basic concepts of manipulation and countermeasures and discuss the main ideas of the Harvard concept of fair and respectful negotiation. We will then look at basic ideas established by the father of modern propaganda, Edward L. Bernays (1891 -1995) and give some illustrative examples.

Testing the Health of a Church - Adrian Reynolds interviews David Brown

22 May 2023 | David Brown

In partnership with the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC), FOCLonline is pleased to share this episode of In:Dependence, which was recorded at the 2023 European Leadership Forum (ELF) with Adrian Reynolds and David Brown. FIEC is a fellowship of independent churches with members of the family across England, Scotland and Wales. Listen to more episodes of FIEC's podcast called In:Dependence here: https://fiec.org.uk/resources/series/independence

The Surprising Genius of Jesus

24 May 2023 | Peter J. Williams

Though Christians acknowledge Jesus as God, and therefore omniscient, we often underestimate the intellectual depth of his teaching. This talk looks at how his teaching frequently involves surprising richness of reference to the Old Testament, and has a depth which is not obvious to those who do not train their ear to listen. It seems that Jesus not only taught in more than one language, but could communicate in ways that aid the memory.

Liar, Lunatic, Lord: Is C.S. Lewis’s Argument Accurate and Helpful for Today?

21 May 2023 | Pasi Turunen

C. S. Lewis made the trilemma (“Liar, Lunatic, Lord”) well known and popular, but it did not start with him. The trilemma has some quite interesting predecessors in history. With the rise of critical scholarship, some have argued that the trilemma is no longer valid as such. In this talk, we trace the history of the trilemma before C. S. Lewis to the present day and assess whether it is still useful and what kind of “tweaks” might be needed for it to be still a valid apologetic tool.


Broken Planet: If There's a God, Then Why Are There Natural Disasters and Diseases?

21 May 2023 | Sharon Dirckx

The question of suffering is one of the greatest hurdles to Christian faith. When believers respond to the question of why there is suffering in the world, they often turn to the free-will defence - that humans make bad choices that can cause suffering for others. However, that doesn't explain why children die of cancer, or why the latest earthquakes, tsunamis or pandemics have been so destructive. These seem to happen not because of our choices, but in spite of them. So how do we make sense of these events in light of belief in a good God?

The Social Dimension—Improving Relationships Within the Church and with Unbelievers

23 May 2023 | Jay Mosser

Few things are more essential to church revitalisation than a spirit of joy and unity within the church family. Similarly, healthy relationships with people outside the walls of the church are also vital if a church is going to reach the community. Good relationships do not just happen though. They must be intentionally cultivated…but how do we do that? This talk presents practical suggestions on how to cultivate grace-filled relationships both inside and outside the church.

Carditive Therapy: Working with the Heart in Therapy

24 May 2023 | Eric Johnson

Christian therapy is especially interested in the heart, given its importance in the Bible. In this talk we explore the therapeutic value of working with the heart and demonstrate what such therapy looks like.

Was Einstein Right? Exploring the Imagination

21 May 2023 | Charles David Kelley

One of Professor Albert Einstein’s most surprising quotes was, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Was he correct? Clearly, he understood that imagination and all of its related cousins, like creativity, ideation, innovation, and change, were indispensable to virtually all things related to living life to the fullest. This talk looks at these topics and how they interrelate from the perspectives of Scripture, fascinating innovators, effective leaders, and influential artists of all stripes.


Integrated Leadership for Experienced Leaders: Leading in the Light of Eternity

24 May 2023 | John Stevens

Knowing both that we and our world are fallen and that our hope is certain is a transforming perspective. How can we apply this perspective to how we lead? This talk explores what being 'professional' should and should not look like as a Christian, delving into the connection between spiritual life, family life, and life as a leader.