Jim Cecy

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Jim Cecy is a regular speaker at the European Leadership Forum. He serves as Senior Pastor-Teacher of Campus Bible Church in Fresno, California. Jim is also founder and President of JARON Ministries International, a training ministry for Christian leaders in the U.S. and abroad. He has a Masters of Divinity in Bible Exposition from Talbot Theological Seminary and a Doctorate of Ministry from Western Seminary. He is a conference and seminar speaker for hundreds of churches, schools, seminars, conference centers, Christian groups and denominations in the U.S. and abroad. In addition to other books and materials, he is the author of The Purity War: A Biblical Guide to Living in an Immoral World and Anger: The Worm in My Apple. Jim has been married for forty-seven years and has thirteen grandchildren. Information about his materials, books and seminars is available at www.jaron.org and www.puritywar.com and www.campusbiblechurch.com
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Principles for Recruiting Effective Ministry Volunteers
Jim Cecy LeadershipOrganisational Leadership 00:00:00 1,960 28 May 2014
The Levels of Spiritual Maturity
Jim Cecy Discipleship › ... › Character and Fruit of the Holy Spirit 00:03:56 2,062 28 May 2014
Dealing with Spiritual Dryness
Jim Cecy Discipleship › ... › Relationship with God 00:25:13 3,333 27 May 2014
A One-Verse Marriage Manual
Jim Cecy Discipleship › ... › One Anothers 00:24:00 2,460 27 May 2014
The Priorities of a Ministry Leader
Jim Cecy LeadershipChurch Leadership 00:27:06 2,312 25 May 2014
Understanding My Anger as a God-Given Emotion
Jim Cecy Discipleship › ... › Flesh and Spirit 00:17:37 3,580 24 May 2014
Getting to the Root of my Unrighteous Anger
Jim Cecy Discipleship › ... › Flesh and Spirit 00:21:47 8,647 24 May 2014
Handling My Anger Daily
Jim Cecy Discipleship › ... › Flesh and Spirit 00:20:39 2,677 22 May 2014
The High Price of My Anger
Jim Cecy Discipleship › ... › Flesh and Spirit 00:15:11 2,556 22 May 2014
Winning the Purity War: Guarding My Companions Against Sexual Impurity
Jim Cecy Discipleship › ... › Flesh and Spirit 00:26:32 3,576 20 Jun 2013