Angela MacKenzie

Real name: 
Angela MacKenzie is a broadcaster, pianist, vocalist, and worship leader. Her music has travelled all over the world for conferences and concerts in addition through her Facebook live events and weekly television teaching program. Whether in person or through media, Angela’s passion is to be a witness to the glory of God in song and word. Angela has a B.A. degree in music/vocal performance from the University of Central Florida, and an M.A. in apologetics from Talbot School of Theology, Biola University. Angela also holds a number of non-executive positions on several ministry and charitable boards both in the US and the UK (where she currently lives.) With her marriage to Kenneth MacKenzie back in 2014, Angela now has an immediate family of 31 (19 grandchildren). Through media, music, and speaking, Angela continues to advocate for her vision of a place where the artist and the Christian thinker can collaborate.