Philip Moore

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Philip Moore has been pastoring and planting churches in the east of Paris for the past 12 years. He is currently European director for Acts 29, working to build relationships between local church-planting churches and church planters all over Europe. With over 50 countries and a population of over 700 million people the European continent, once the most Christianised in the world, is now a mission field. It is Philip’s privilege, as European director of A29, to see what God is doing in our continent, and to encourage church–planting initiatives from Ireland to Turkey, from Denmark to Italy through assessment, coaching, training, and supporting of church planters and church–planting churches. Philip is married to Rachel, and they have 5 children.
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Grow - Sound (Doctrine)
Philip Moore LeadershipChurch Leadership 00:00:00 265 26 May 2020
What defines a church?
Philip Moore Evangelism 00:00:00 297 18 May 2019
Know Ecclesiology
Philip Moore Evangelism 00:00:00 313 21 May 2019
Steps - Conversion
Philip Moore EvangelismCommunicating the Gospel 00:00:00 319 24 May 2020
Steps - Discipleship
Philip Moore Discipleship 00:00:00 327 26 May 2020
Why was the Apostle Paul a courageous preacher?
Philip Moore Evangelism 00:00:00 354 18 May 2019
Know the Bible
Philip Moore Evangelism 00:00:00 383 19 May 2019
How should the goal of conversion determine our methods?
Philip Moore Evangelism 00:00:00 392 18 May 2019
Grow - Big Picture: From Infancy to Maturity
Philip Moore LeadershipChurch Leadership 00:00:00 394 24 May 2020
Know Yourself
Philip Moore Evangelism 00:00:00 394 20 May 2019