Short Talk

A Four Location Preaching Journey

Date recorded: 25 May 2013 | Speaker: Peter Mead | Event: ELF Workshop


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Bible is the teaching of god and we can say that the communication what god want to do with the people is through bible we can hear him and know what is he saying and asking us to do what he wants from us. As rushmypaper articles says that Preaching can be a life changer and we can see the transformation of life when people hear the word of god.

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The Lord will find its ways to reach out to every person. The problem is, no one is listening. Some of us don't open our hearts to hear that God is calling us. This is why these people are working hard to spread the word to all. Finding ways and means so that people will open their hearts to hear that the Lord is calling them. buy soundcloud plays


The journey from a biblical text to a life-changing message is a thrilling quest. We get to engage with God’s heart personally, and participate in His mission to transform the lives of others. But the journey from text to message can feel long and complex. This presentation is a simple guide to that journey. Whether you are new to preaching or a seasoned veteran, this guide will both stir and help the preacher to travel well and preach Christ effectively.