Abraham's Journey

Date recorded: 26 May 2014 | Speaker: John Lennox | Event: ELF Plenary Session


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Every journey is a path of wisdom and thinking. Abraham's journey is a fully fascinating video with the remarkable spokesman John Lennox. I remember the time when I used to buy research papers online and didn't know about the option to listen to the videos. Now, I use such speeches to prepare for my term conference on Religion.

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John Lennox explores the early, difficult stages of Abraham's journey. Even though God oversaw his journey, Abraham still wrestled with his own sin and myriad external temptations and trials. Abraham and Sarah faced famine and hardship, and Abraham even sinned against his wife and failed her as a husband. Just as Abraham had to learn what it meant to live as a father, husband, and faithful follower of God, today's Christians have to learn the same lessons in their journey with God.