Does the Scale of the Universe Count against God's Existence?

Date recorded: 13 Jan 2017 | Speaker: Rik Peels | Event: ELF Workshop
Topic: Philosophy


Does what we know about the age, size, and relative emptiness of our universe constitute evidence against God’s existence? Proponents of what is frequently called the ‘argument from scale’ think so. The argument from scale is often heard from bar stools and coffee house chairs in arguments against the existence of God. They claim that the astronomically long period of time that the universe has existed and its sheer vastness and emptiness constitutes evidence against the existence of a theistic God who values intelligent free beings such as humans. Were such a God to exist, they reason, human life would have had to be much more prominent in both time and space, rather than occupying only the seemingly negligible amount of time and tiny bit of space it does now. This talk evaluates the argument.