Mission and Ecology - Lecture 4, The Doctrine of the Great Commission

Date recorded: 3 Jan 2013 | Speaker: Chris Wright | Event: Cambridge Summer School of Theology


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THE EARTH – GOD’S GIFT Whose earth is it anyway? God’s earth - Good - Distinct but dependent - Sacred but not divine Our earth - Image and dominion - Servant-kingship

 THE EARTH – CURSE AND COVENANT God’s curse on the earth
 God’s covenant with the earth
 Social justice and ecology
 THE EARTH – GLORY AND REDEMPTION God’s glory is the goal of creation
 God’s redemption includes the whole of creation
 THE EARTH – OUR MISSION Love and obedience
 Kings and priests
 Compassion and justice Reading: Christopher J.H. Wright, "Old Testament Ethics for the People of God" (IVP, 2004), ch. 4; and "The Mission of God" (IVP, 2006), ch. 12. Further bibliography in both chapters.