Peter's Formation as an Example of Integrated Theological Education

Date recorded: 24 May 2017 | Speaker: Hans Bayer | Event: ELF Theologians Network
Topic: Theology


Generally speaking, the educational heritage in the Western World is decidedly pivoted towards the formation of thought. Notable exceptions are, e.g., the intentional combination of lecturing and tutoring at such universities as Cambridge and Oxford, as well as D. Bonhoeffer’s approach to theological education at the Finkenwalde underground seminary. Jesus’ relational tutelage of Peter includes the formation of the mind and the affections of the heart (as the locus of the deepest convictions, feelings, and decisions). It is challenging to practice such a “cumbersome” and holistic approach. Nevertheless, engaging a small group of students with rigorous academic standards and holistic, personal relationships (including personal transparency) is the road forward.