The Sexual Revolution: The Challenges Facing a Church Unprepared


In the wake of recent ‘culture wars’ in the US and Europe we are witnessing a proliferation of pansexual, fluid and ‘post-label’ sexual identities as well as an acceleration of the social deconstruction of gender. The church is badly prepared for these new ideologies, lacking both the intellectual and pastoral resources to combat the power and influence of the media and cultural elites that advance them. And too often we have tried to respond to this massive cultural activation of passion and desire with ‘head’ responses based in facts and beliefs or behavioral responses of negative control. We are ‘pouring water on heads to put out a fire in our hearts’. In this talk we explore the need for a more holistic biblical vision for the formation and shepherding of human sexual desire; a vision that sees our passions, as well as our thoughts and behaviors, as integral to our being made in the image of God.