Solid Love in a Liquid Society: Nourishing Your Marriage


How can we feed our relationship so that our marriage will work well? Can the flame of love be reignited?  Z. Baumann, a brilliant analyst of our times, talks about a 'liquid society' where nothing remains in place steadily, everything changes capriciously. Unfortunately, this trend affects family life also. There is a 'liquid love', a light, fragile, superficial kind of love. It is fleeting as an emotion, adaptable as liquid.  There is, however, another type of love contrasting with the "liquid love". It is a love that puts out the fire of conflict, a love which acts as an antidote against cooling, "a love that never fails" (1 Cor. 13:8).  It is the solid love which goes beyond the ups and downs of all human relationships and becomes an anchor in times of storm. To examine the very nature of such love is the goal of this talk.