Who Do You Think You Are? How the Biblical Worldview Transforms Self-Understanding


The Apostle Peter urged "prepare your minds for action" (1 Peter 1:12). As Christians we are called to "renew" our minds (Rom. 12:2), to think critically about the world, resist its pressures to conform, and live in ways that please God. A truly biblical worldview isn't just about the way we think about the world, however. It transforms the way we think about ourselves, too. But how should we think about ourselves? Developing a sense of personal identity –“'who I am” - has never been easy. As we move between different social roles - dad, pastor, daughter, company executive - it can be hard to see how they hang together and discern what story they tell. And in modern life this task has been vastly complicated by the fast-multiplying interfaces of technology and social media. Add to this the modern deconstruction of gender, sexuality, and the family, and we have a perfect storm in which the self is "under siege". The Bible speaks into this modern confusion with profound and far-reaching implications. It calls us into a transformed understanding of self. Christian believers are made in the Image of God and, "in Christ", adopted as God's own children. This is the only secure foundation on which to build and shape our self-understanding.