Why is Our Discipleship Not Working? The Five Biggest Mistakes in Discipleship


When investing in other people’s lives, all sincere discipleship leaders would naturally be inclined not only to impart the gospel but also their own lives with as much love and effectiveness as possible. The anticipated results would be mature, reproducing disciples who have been thoroughly trained and equipped for ministry and the edification and expansion of the Kingdom. Yet our experience in discipling others may tell a different story and yield results that are less than satisfying. While acknowledging that Jesus discipled the Twelve perfectly, we readily confess our own shortcomings as we enter into vital discipling relationships with others. This talks unpacks the 5 biggest mistakes that leaders make in the discipling process. It then identifies insights and tools to help us overcome the frustrations and problems that arise when we seek to bring others to maturity in Christ. Finally, it addresses how our effectiveness and fruitfulness can be multiplied as we seek to model our own discipleship after the pattern of our Lord as revealed in the Scriptures.