Sebastian Vaduva

Currently serving as Dean of the Griffiths School of Management within Emanuel University of Oradea, Romania. He was born and raised in Romania, but in the spring of 1989 immigrated to the US with his whole family. In the US he enjoyed a successful career in entrepreneurship, academia, and the NGO sector. In 2003 he completed his first PhD in the area of comparative entrepreneurial systems between the US and Romania. In 2004 he was selected as a Fulbright scholar for the nation of Moldova where he worked as an MBA program director. In 2005 he returned to Romania permanently and besides being Dean of the Griffiths School of Management he is a serial entrepreneur with seven started companies and a corporate trainer/consultant for multinational corporations present in Romania. Additionally, Sebastian is involved in politics and public administration holding a second PhD from the National School of Politics and Public Administration. He has consulted a number of public leaders on the subject of economic development, FDI attraction, job creation, etc. In 2014 he joined the board of Transparency International Romania in an effort to educate the Romanian public on the perils of corruption and the benefits and possibilities of a healthy business environment. He is married with Lois and together they have a daughter Evelina Delia.