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Answering Your Toughest Organisational Leadership Questions

Date recorded: 2 Jun 2015 | Speaker: Nola Leach | Event: ELF Workshop
Answering Your Toughest Organisational Leadership Questions


Leading an organisation regularly involves navigating through difficult dilemmas and making hard decisions. As Christians, we are called to do so wisely and in a way that is pleasing to God. How can I recruit and maintain a committed team?  How can I develop a financially sustainable ministry? How can I make ethical decisions in a culture that is riddled with corruption? How do I take care of my organisational responsibilities efficiently so I have time to focus on the ministry that God has called me to do?  

Roundtable panelists include:

Nola Leach (Moderator), CEO, CARE UK

Henryk Król, President, DR Studio and CEO, DEOrecordings Association

Ken Sande, Founder and President, Relational Wisdom 360

Luder Whitlock, President, Excelsis and Executive Director, The CNL Charitable Foundation