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How to Communicate the Christian Worldview in the Public Square

Date recorded: 23 May 2018 | Speaker: Lars Dahle | Event: ELF Media Communicators Network
How to Communicate the Christian Worldview


Many parts of today's Europe are characterized by a secular and pluralistic public square, whether the arena is the media, the academy, or the workplace. As evangelical Christians, we are often marginalized in such public contexts. How can we communicate the Christian worldview with biblical authenticity and contemporary relevance in this public square? The panel discussion will relate this key task to challenges from competing current views of (a) values, (b) humanity, (c) reality, and (d) faith commitments.

Lars Dahle (Moderator), Associate Professor, NLA University College; Lausanne Catalyst for Media Engagement

Paul Copan, Chair of Philosophy and Ethics, Palm Beach Atlantic University

Amy Orr-Ewing, EMEA Director, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and Director, Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics 

Espen Ottosen, Information Director, Norwegian Lutheran Mission