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Responding to the Refugee Crisis in Europe

Date recorded: 23 May 2016 | Speaker: Peter Saunders | Event: ELF Workshop
Responding to the Refugee Crisis in Europe


The massive migration of refugees currently taking place in Europe is hugely significant. Not only is it re-awakening political tensions within Europe and raising questions of what it means to be European. It is also a humanitarian crisis with over a million migrants needing their basic needs met in a foreign land. In the midst of such complexity there are no simple solutions. What is the place of the Church and how can we respond to the influx of refugees with both wisdom and love? How can Christians be the hands and feet of Jesus to a wandering and disadvantaged people?  How can we effectively communicate the gospel in such circumstances? This Roundtable Discussion brings together evangelical leaders from various perspectives in order to address the challenges and opportunities posed by Europe's refugee crisis. 

Roundtable panelists include:

Peter Saunders (moderator), CEO, Christian Medical Fellowship

Bert de Ruiter, Consultant Christian-Muslim Relations, European Evangelical Alliance

Beth Grove, Co-Founder, Pfander Centre for Apologetics

Paul Sydnor, EU Director, International Association for Refugees