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Roundtable Discussion on Bioethics

Date recorded: 10 Dec 2014 | Speaker: Peter Saunders | Event: ELF Interviews


Cultural shift throughout Europe has led to Judeo-Christian values being jettisoned and an atheist worldview and secular humanist values increasingly imposed. The toxic cocktail of scientific materialism, consumerism, moral relativism and radical autonomy has opened the lid of a Pandora’s box of new biotechnologies including artificial reproduction, pre-implantation diagnosis, embryonic stem cell research and animal-human hybrids. In addition economic recession and demographic shift provide a serious threat to vulnerable people (those who are disabled, elderly, sick, or unborn) through legalised euthanasia and abortion whilst there are pressures on Christian healthcare professionals who are forced to conform as part of their ‘public duty’. These threats will increase in the coming decade.  This roundtable discussion will explore Christian responses on these complex issues.  

Roundtable panelists include:

Peter Saunders (Moderator), CEO of Christian Medical Fellowship

 Michael Egnor, Pediatric Neurosurgeon and Vice-Chairman of Neurosurgery, Stony Brook University

 David Fieldsend, retired Manager, CARE for Europe