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Short Talk

Presenting Christ Through the Same Sex Marriage Debate

Date recorded: 27 May 2014 | Speaker: David Robertson | Event: ELF Workshop
Topic: ApologeticsEthical
Presenting Christ Through the Same Sex Marriage Debate


Same-Sex Marriage has rapidly turned into the 'shibboleth' issue for European and American liberal societies.  When Christians are asked about this the question, it is often posed as an accusation rather than a question.  In this talk we will look at how we can connect with this issue and use it as an opportunity to present the Christian Gospel without being perceived as homophobic, irrelevant, and out of touch with modern society.  The question of same-sex marriage leads us to deeper questions as to what marriage is, what it means to be human, and how we relate to other human beings. The speaker has engaged with journalists, politicians, educators, and leading LGBT spokespersons in discussing these issues.