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Truth and Mission: A Proposal for Apologetics

Date recorded: 1 Jun 2015 | Speaker: Lars Dahle | Event: ELF Workshop
Truth and Mission: A Proposal for Apologetics


In view of our challenging secular and pluralistic world, a holistic understanding of apologetics is needed. This workshop presents a proposal for apologetics as the science and art of exploring the truth question in three different communication contexts. In pre-evangelism contexts, apologetics has the role of answering objections and setting Christian ideas on the agenda. In evangelism contexts, its role is to commend the Gospel and clarify questions to our faith. In post-evangelism contexts, apologetics has the dual role of affirming the validity of becoming and being a Christian and of equipping for “witness about Christ and all his teaching – in every nation, in every sphere of society, and in the realm of ideas” (The Cape Town Commitment).