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Short Talk

Why is Unity so Attractive? Understanding and Evaluating the Ecumenical Movement

Date recorded: 24 May 2018 | Speaker: Leonardo De Chirico | Event: ELF Post-Forum Seminar
Topic: Theology
Understanding and Evaluating the Ecumenical Movement


Unity has become a catchword in present-day Christianity. Everybody talks about unity and wants to promote unity. What is meant by it? There are several accounts and many projects of unity. Among the various options, two of them seem to be the most influential ones outside of the evangelical world. One has to do with the 1982 Lima document Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry. It expounds the mainstream view of unity that can be found in important circles of the World Council of Churches. The other is the Vatican II decree on ecumenism Unitatis reditengratio (1964) which sets forth the vision for unity of the Roman Catholic Church. What are their theological foundations and how can be they assessed biblically? What are the implications for the unity of the church and of humankind? Are there better options that are more biblically grounded?