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Advocacy and Religious Freedom in Europe

Date recorded: 23 May 2016 | Speaker: Christel Lamère... | Event: ELF Mission Leaders Network
Advocacy and Religious Freedom in Europe


Religious freedom is bigger than you think. Although many Christians have become acutely aware of the grave challenges to religious freedom in the world, the situation in the West, and particularly in Europe, remains less well known and harder to advocate for. But using biblical light to understand the contemporary situation of the church in Europe, we will see that God entrusts his people to seek the well-being of their societies. Based on this, we will study together the kind of argument one can build winsomely on behalf of religious freedom in our post-Secular Europe; the kind of argument which churches, organisations, and individuals should use and that is both a strong reflexion of and a platform for the Gospel message in today’s Europe, where this “mother of all human rights” is being threatened, too.