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Allah and Yahweh - Not the Same God

Date recorded: 22 May 2017 | Speaker: Beth Peltola | Event: ELF Workshop
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Modern society loves to fuse religions together. You cannot walk through the streets of Europe without hearing questions, or claims, about the ‘similarities’ between Islam and Christianity. Muslims will make statements of “Allah’s oneness” and there being only one god. Preconceived notions that we are all part of the same Abrahamic Tradition are believed by Christians, Muslims, and Secularists. Evangelistic teams ministering to Muslims grapple with notions of how, when, and if we should use Qur’anic and Islamic terms and practices to describe the God of salvation so clearly outlined in the Bible. More notably you may have come across missionaries, or Christian institutions, teaching a ‘same God’ theory of Yahweh and Allah. Yet to be relevant, effective Christians for our time, we need to find a clear path through all this confusion of who/what Islam’s god is, in light of Biblical teaching. Can we be sure if Allah is the same, or different? This talk seeks to bring about some clarity amidst great confusion of whether Allah and Yahweh are the same, or not.