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The Apologetic of Evil

Date recorded: 28 May 2014 | Speaker: David Robertson | Event: ELF Advanced Apologetics Network
The Apologetic of Evil


The problem of evil is often seen as a difficulty that Christians have to overcome if we want to communicate the Good News.  We often approach this question in a defensive manner and come across as seeking to excuse God.  This is not a new problem and there is much we can learn from earlier generations in dealing with this. This talk seeks to show how the problem of evil is actually a greater problem for the atheist and agnostic than it is for the Christian.  By looking at the philosophical and emotional apologetic of evil, we see how this problem actually becomes a tremendous stimulus and apologia for the communication of the Good News. You don't have to have a PhD in philosophy to use the 'apologetic of evil'.  Using a combination of philosophy, theology, history, culture and human examples, we will see how instead of evil being a reason to disbelieve in God, it actually becomes a powerful reason to believe in and trust God.