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The Apologetic of Sex

Date recorded: 21 May 2021 | Speaker: Stefan Gustavsson | Event: ELF Pre-Forum Seminar
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Since the 1960s, the sexual revolution has swept the western world and radically changed the way people think about sex and how they choose to live sexually. Previous assumptions about the importance of connecting sex with love, of excluding same-sex romantic relationships as well as polygamous or polyamorous relationships are now abandoned. The idea of living a celibate life until one is married seems both impossible and quite ridiculous for most young Europeans today. Apologetics is about explaining the content and defending the truth of the Christian faith. So, is it possible to explain and defend the Christian view of love and sex? Is it possible to do it even outside the church context? In this talk, we analyse our culture’s view of sex, compare it with the Christian view, and then take a good look at the arguments for the truth and beauty of God’s design.