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Artists in the Trenches

Date recorded: 18 May 2021 | Speaker: Delta David Gier | Event: ELF Artists Network
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Professional artists often find themselves at odds with both their workplace and their church. For musicians, whether on the concert stage or in the opera house, the prevailing assumption is that Christian faith is either naïve or intellectually dishonest. How does one faithfully live out one's calling in this atmosphere? And how does one contribute meaningfully to a church which either distrusts one's profession or finds it irrelevant to its mission? Join conductor Delta David Gier, along with a panel of professional musicians (soloists, opera singers, orchestral musicians), for a robust and honest discussion about life and faith in the midst of adversity.

Delta David Gier - Moderator (Conductor)

Khai Ern Ooi - Violinist

Steve Morscheck - Opera Singer

David Daly - Bassist

David Danel - Violinist