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Building a Disciple-making Church

Date recorded: 24 May 2011 | Speaker: Eric Bobbitt | Event: ELF Disciple Makers Network
Building a Disciple-making Church


Discipleship is central to the life of the mature Christian. One cannot take salvation seriously, nor one’s purpose in the world, without embracing this concept embedded in biblical teaching. Established as Jesus’ plan, discipleship is not an “add-on” to the individual’s life or a “programme” added to the schedule of a local church. Rather, it is a serious and intentional response to how we live and conduct our lives in answer to the call of Jesus to “come and follow Me.” Each local church is intended to be a disciple-making body, and each Christian is called to discipleship as a way of life. This session looks at how we nurture a discipling consciousness and establish local churches that have discipleship at the heart of their ministry.