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Can Artists Market Their Art without Losing Their Souls?

Date recorded: 22 May 2017 | Speaker: Külli Hansen | Event: ELF Artists Network
Can Artists Market Their Art without Losing Their Souls?


Have you ever heard the term ‘starving artist’? Why do so many artists who create high quality art have great difficulty earning a living? This talk addresses and provides solutions for the foundational issues every artist faces. Artists can learn to be more than creators; they must also think like entrepreneurs.  They must grasp the importance of networking in the worlds of both art and business.  They can utilize simple financial systems in order to maintain accountability and attain tangible profits.  They can learn how to think outwardly and better understand their customers, developing their art accordingly. They can learn to effectively plan and promote exhibitions. They can learn how to market their art without losing their souls. And finally, they will work through the profound questions - Does God care if their art sells? Why is it critical for Christian artists to trust God in the creation and sale of art?