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In Cosmology Philosophy Starts Where Physics Ends

Date recorded: 22 May 2017 | Speaker: Peter Korevaar | Event: ELF Science Network
Topic: Science
In Cosmology Philosophy Starts Where Physics Ends


Many Christians tend to doubt the Standard Cosmological Big Bang Model. This model is based, on the one hand, on many observations, and on the other hand, on philosophical pre-assumptions. For a layman the two are hard to distinguish, especially because they are seldom stated explicitly. Rather, there is a tendency to meld assumptions into evidence and present them both as solid natural science, giving the Standard Model an inviolable status. In contrast, this talk intends to clearly separate hard facts from wishful thinking and worldview assumptions. This approach shall reveal which parts can be considered proven and where freedom for alternative models remains. Also, the need for such alternative models will be discussed in the light of Biblical statements.