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Eastern European Woundedness and the Resulting Response to Abuse

Date recorded: 3 Jun 2015 | Speaker: Emoke Tapolyai | Event: ELF Christian Counsellors Network
Eastern European Woundedness and the Resulting Response to Abuse


Can one survive the totalitarian oppression and constant persecution of communism and yet keep one’s personality intact and integrated? Over forty years of devastation in the souls of people have produced shame-based minds.  People were conditioned to be led, to be dictated to, to be dependent, and to be cautious.  Moreover, communism left an infection of suspicion and mistrust, and an image of a mocked, distant, or absent God.

Because of the continuous spiritual and emotional abuse, Christians confuse biblical self-sacrifice with the tolerance of abuse.  They are filled with shame and thus have no strength to protect themselves and no guidelines to live with their own rights. How can we liberate the minds of Christians still paralyzed by intimidation and abuse and how can we teach them responsible independence?  How can the church teach people to think, act, and live shame free?  How can we help people restore the image of God who is loving and protecting?