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Euthanasia: A Christian Response

Date recorded: 3 Jun 2015 | Speaker: Nola Leach | Event: ELF Politics and Society Network
Euthanaisa: A Christian Response


A society's perception of the sanctity of life is frequently moulded by events that occur in other nearby countries. The unrelenting expansion of Euthanasia policy in the Netherlands has resulted in many countries across Europe considering following suit. Due to the ever converging nature of social policies within the European continent, pressure is growing on countries to accept the pro-Euthanasia doctrine. This roundtable talk uses euthanasia as a case study in how one country's social policy can influence the policies of its neighbours.

Nola Leach (Moderator), CEO of CARE

Charlie Hoare, International Consultant

Henk Reitsema, Trustee, L'Abri International

Peter Saunders, CEO of Christian Medical Fellowship