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Evaluating Eastern Religions

Date recorded: 1 Jan 2005 | Speaker: Ellis Potter | Event: ELF Workshop


Most people in the world believe that when the world began, it was perfect. For the most part, humanity stands in agreement that something has gone terribly wrong, so that the world no longer exists in the perfect state it once enjoyed. We are thus in need of an accurate picture which encompasses both what went wrong in the world and how the problem is to be remedied. Eastern religion teaches that the world will be restored to a state of perfection through perfect unity, thus the foundation of Eastern religion is the concept “all is one.” The solution to the problem of the world as revealed in Scripture, however, is that God Himself enters into creation and becomes a part of it. Salvation is possible because of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This seminar explores how to share the truth of the Gospel with those who hold to the teachings of Eastern religion, by beginning with the common ground our worldview shares with their own.