Evangelistic Leadership

Date recorded: 21 May 2011 | Speaker: Jerry Root | Event: ELF Pre-Forum Seminar


This session teaches basic skills in personal evangelism, including how to pass these skills on to others with whom they minister. In the Western world the passion and practice for evangelism is at an all time low. While there are some bright lights burning in isolated areas, the truth is those in the Global South have become far more effective in making disciples than their Northern and Western counterparts. This session is designed to awaken in church leaders a fresh passion to do the work of evangelism and also to train and equip others to do the same. The four parts of the session look at: 1. Biblical reasons for our unfruitfulness; 2. Ways to bring the Gospel into everyday conversation by listening to the felt needs of others in order to awaken the deeper need of every individual for the love and grace of God offered to us through His son Jesus Christ; 3. Essentials of the Gospel message and how it can be presented succinctly; 4. The importance of following up with new believers in the hopes that they too might become evangelistically reproductive in sharing Christ with others, thus producing a new generation of those willing to make the message of God’s love and forgiveness known to others.