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The Fingerprint of Intelligence: Thermodynamics and Information

Date recorded: 20 May 2019 | Speaker: Andy McIntosh | Event: ELF Science Network
Topic: Science


John 1:1 states “In the beginning was the Word” - Scripture teaches that Intelligence comes before matter, and living systems demonstrate this principle. It is not “In the beginning were the particles”! Information is truly the fingerprint of Intelligence.This talk shows the impossibility of information arising without intelligence by considering the principles of thermodynamics of open systems, exploring the connection between information and thermodynamics, showing functional information is neither matter nor energy. We consider the concept of information and define carefully the definition of a machine using the laws of thermodynamics and consider the realm of living systems. What then are the laws that information systems must inherently obey for natural systems? Can one quantify the organisational structure of these information procedures which use the matter and energy of the hardware in any real system? Non-material information constrains the energy and matter which it uses, rather than the other way round. Matter and energy cannot on its own evolve information.