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Grace-Based Family Ministry

Date recorded: 28 May 2014 | Speaker: Tim Kimmel | Event: ELF Marriage and Family Network


The spiritual health of our churches and their greater impact in our communities rests far more with what’s happening in our church families during the week than with what we do on Sundays. All pastors desire to have spiritually healthy families, but often struggle with substantively making that happen through the priorities, pulpit, programming and application of church resources (budget). In this talk Tim explores how to make grace-based relationships the DNA of the church staff and volunteers and how to create a culture of God’s grace within your church that equips couples and parents to take Jesus home with confidence. Tim maps out a family ministry strategy that can work regardless of the size of your church or the sophistication of its staff. He concludes by discussing how to tailor the grace-based theology of families to your personal family and then to the work God has called you to carry out.