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Growing as a Servant Leader - Part 2: Getting and Staying Strategic

Date recorded: 24 Oct 2020 | Speaker: Bobb Biehl | Event: Master Class
Topic: Leadership


You have but one life, it will soon be past; only what is done for Christ will last. Jesus said, “He who would be the greatest of all would be the servant of all,” in Matthew 20:26. Your work is eternally significant. There are NO perfect “servant leaders” — everyone is struggling with something. This Master Class is designed to help you maximise growth into your full potential as a servant leader.

Part 2 - Getting and Staying STRATEGIC

One of the biggest struggles in leadership is losing perspective. In this session, Bobb helps you focus on being clear on what you believe, who you want to be, and what you want to do. This session discusses how to keep this focus throughout your entire life.